Let me drink from the cold moon



Let me drink from the white moon

that is so far away like you,

a milky cold cocktail of heartache,

insomnia and pain,

when loneliness is more hurting than death

when my guardian angel is melting into mist

when every thought is about you

when your eyes are shining in the dark

without you being here

when your words are so dead

and were spoken a long time ago

when your image is fading

and getting blurred

when everything is only memories

and doesn’t exist anymore

like smoke from a last cigarette

of goodbye




Excursion to the center of Hamburg

Some days ago we have been in the center of Hamburg close to the main station. Living at the boundaries of our beautiful hometown where everything is more rural, calm, green and tidy, the center of Hamburg is very vivid and colorful, also regarding people. You find a lot of extraordinary pubs, bars and cafés there as well as shops with foreign sweets, foods etc. and some “dirty” little nightclubs in some side roads. Escort girls and drug dealers unfortunately belong to the main station, too.

I had given my sewing machine to be repaired and combined the pick-up date with a little excursion in the backstreets of the center. I saw a lot of funny graffitti, which I will post seperately, a lot of colorful mural paintings, of which I would like to emphasize the painted window with some people looking out, some very old houses, old store signs, a nicely painted “Trabant” car, and interesting international shops. Follow me to the center of Hamburg.

Excursion to the outdoor museum

Dear followers, friends and viewers. For some weeks I couldn’t post anything, because my computer “refused to cooperate” with me. I couldn’t solve this problem alone, had to wait for my son to repair it. I was afraid of losing a lot of data and more than 10.000 photos. Fortunately, now everything is okay, thanks to my son.

This time I want to take you out for an excursion to our outdoor museum which is quite close to us and which I visit from time to time. In this museum a lot of old houses from this area (from 17th up to the 19th century) have been restored and built up again. The beautiful old farm houses had frameworks and thatched as well as hip roofs in former times. Besides farms and barns there is one little village shop with original interior decoration and a coffee-shop where you get wonderful selfmade cakes. There’s also a big baking oven where on special occasions bread is made in a traditional way. You can see a big pile of wood for the baking days as well as old milk cans and agricultural equipment.

They have arranged a typical old farm garden in which all patches are surrounded by little boxwood hedges, which looks very nice. There you can find the typical flowers and herbs that grew close to farms in former times. Not to forget the animals you can see there: the glamorous cock with his shiny feathers, the turkey and his wifes, funny goats, cold blood working horses, cute calves, pigs, ducks etc. Come with me for a walk into the past.

Excursion to the Elbe River

Two weeks ago we made another excursion to the Elbe River to look for houses and to visit some friends we have there. We took a road that leads alongside the Elbe River and passed several little towns and villages which were very picturesque with appealing extraordinary churches, old timber framed houses and beautiful old doors. I found some dwarfs made out of bronze in front of some doors and some antic guild symbols.

IMG_8803The road furthermore leads through dense woods where you can find a lot of blueberries and mushrooms. At some places I saw signs that were warning of wolves even.

The landscape is quite flat, you don’t find many elevations, only dikes for protection of floods. One morning we made a tour with our bikes. It was so calm and peaceful and we saw and heard a lot of rare birds like goldfinches, yellow wagtails, a nightingale and a lot of storks. Some cows were standing on a pasture, chewing over and looking at us from far. On the mowed pastures storks were strutting, picking-up some frogs now and then. They were not very shy and nice to look at. A cuckoo was calling several times and that was about all we heard. Complete silence and peace, nearly nobody on the road. The very few people we met were very friendly and greeted us.

Let me take you with me to the Elbe River.

The magenta river


In the red evening sky the sun says goodbye to the earth

in enchanted magenta colors

Total quietude, only a sky lark is singing joyfully,

hovering above a golden field of grain,

up and down and flies away

A hidden nightingale contributes a line of notes,

just very short and hurting  beautiful

fairy tales of princes and princesses that are happy

are in my mind

The river is slowly flowing, there’s nothing but silence

Little swirls are running ashore in circles

trying to touch a bleached piece of wood with their wet tongues

The sun is disappearing behind a cloud

and adds a cold silver glow to the magenta river,

mysterious and so precious like jewelry

Everything is mysterious and filled with a distinct yearning

From far away, from the woods

a cuckoo is calling nine times,

then three times

Then total tranquility

I’m alone in this world

for H.

Our garden in May

This time of the year is really beautiful. Everything is blooming, there are a lot of insects in our garden, butterflies, bees, bumblebees, European hornets etc. Today I’ll show you some of the flowers and shrubs we have in our little garden.