Weekly Photo Challenge: Atop

This time I want to take part in the weekly photo challenge. I have so many photos where animals are atop of something, be it a windowsill, a table, stairs, a rock,  a roof, a car, a motorbike, a chair etc.

On the other hand I have been atop of the sea and a lighthouse has been atop of me. It’s like in real life, sometimes you’re atop and sometimes your down. May you always be atop in your lifes.

Old windows – Kefalonia/Greece

It’s a long time ago that I posted something from Kefalonia, Greece. That’s why I looked-up all my photos today. I still got so many old doors but today you will see some old windows. Windows are like the eyes of a house. They tell stories, too.

I love these pastel colors of decay, the little melancholic mood they transfer. I still remember these wonderful and calm golden hours when I went for walks in the evening. The sun was still shining, but was on its way to say goodbye to this side of the world. The golden sunrays were covering the whole island with a soft cape of farewell, still so mellow and warm like the Mediterranean sun is. All colors are changing, looking more blurred and there is tranquility all over as if the day is tired. This special spirit is so overwhelming for me that I nearly feel like crying. I want to stop the sun from disappearing behind the mountains; I want it to stay forever and ever and not to leave me there in darkness. It’s the death of a day.

To draw or not to draw

Some of you might wonder, why I chose these words for my post. It’s very simple: for me to draw or not to draw is nearly the same like to be or not to be.

Being born highly sensitive life doesn’t always have bright sides to look at but on the other hand highly sensitive people have a lot of artistic dispositions. For me painting and drawing is the same like meditation. I forget everything around me, I’m not hungry or thirsty anymore, I forget all my problems and that really helps a lot.

In the last weeks I have started again to draw regularly, i.e. every day about two hours. I wanted to overcome the sadness that was in my heart because my son has left me to make his phd in Vienna. I started a real challenge: old houses and a church in Holland. I found this photo in Word Press. It’s from a very talented young man named Pieter Navis who gave me his permission to use this photo. It took more than two weeks to complete this drawing because there were so many tiles and bricks to be sketched and going into details makes me even calmer. The drawing of the landscape was made by a photo from a WP blogger called bythebriny. Thanks.

You can also find some other drawings and paintings I made in the last time. As you can see, I usually use dark blue paper or even packing paper. I don’t like white paper. I used different media like pastel sticks, colored pencils with opaque white and charcol pencils. Unfortunately it wasn’t so easy to photograph my pictures as they were in frames with glas. Some of them don’t look as good on the photo as they are. I hope you just get an idea about my artistic work and like it.


Excursion to Berlin

Excursion to Berlin

In Middle of December I visited Berlin for some days. It was shortly before Christmas and shops and streets were decorated festively. Berlin is a very big, noisy, hectic and crude city (3,5 million inhabitants) but in some back courtyards a bit of the Christmas atmosphere could be found in little extraordinary shops. Of course, Berlin has a lot of nice old houses, doors, old quarters, old shops, graveyards and museums etc. which are really beautiful and interesting.  You can see an old bookshop with wonderful wooden fittings in one of my photos.

Maybe you heard about the ambush that happened around middle of December in Berlin. I have been exactly at this place two days before it happened. I was really flabbergasted when I realized that I could have been killed, too.

I also visited the famous Jewish cemetery which is the biggest in all Europe. It was really very worthwhile to see a very different funeral culture. I found a very extraordinary grave with lots of gilded roses out of iron.

Berlin has a lot of little restaurants, coffee shops , pastry shops etc. and they are usually quite cheap, cheaper than in Hamburg, where I live.  I enjoyed some Indian, Greek, Italian and German food. After so many days of walking around in this big city I was happy to leave for my hometown Hamburg.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Solitude

“We must become so alone, so utterly alone, that we withdraw into our innermost self. It is a way of bitter suffering. But then our solitude is overcome, we are no longer alone, for we find that our innermost self is the spirit, that it is God, the indivisible. And suddenly we find ourselves in the midst of the world, yet undisturbed by its multiplicity, for our innermost soul we know ourselves to be one with all being.”
Hermann Hesse

Excursion to Wittstock

About a month ago we went from Hamburg to Berlin by car. It’s about 300 km, and so we decided to make a break in a little town called Wittstock which was GDR before 1989.

I actually haven’t been much around in Eastern Germany and so this was quite exciting to see. Wittstock is a small town with about 15.000 inhabitants. It is one of the eldest towns in Brandenburg and was mentioned first in 946. The town was called Wittstock after a castle that doesn’t exist anymore.

The architecture of the old buildings was very interesting and reminded me of Lueneburg. The houses and churches were mostly made out of red bricks or had timber frameworks. You can still see the old city wall with towers for entry,  the townhall, the water tower for steam engines, old houses which are decaying and rather desolate with nice old doors. Hope you enjoy a little visit in another part of Germany as I show usually.





I must admit that in the beginning I didn’t like graffiti so much, but my opinion about it has changed. Graffiti has many facets: it might be just very colorful or simple with tags, but it can be funny, artful and even political, too. I have assorted some graffiti that appealed to me. Hope you like it, too.