The leaves are falling, falling as from far away,
as if remote gardens withered in the skies;
they are falling with denying gestures.

And in the nights the heavy earth is falling
out of all the stars down into loneliness.

We are all falling. This hand falls.
And look at others; it is in everything.

And yet there is the One who holds this falling
endlessly gently in his hands.

(Poem by Rainer Maria Rilke – 1875 – 1926)


24 thoughts on “Autumn

    • Liebe Stefanie, vielen Dank für Deine netten Worte. Das sind die Fotos von meiner neuen Kamera. Freue mich, dass sie Deiner Seele gut tun. Das Wetter hier ist recht bescheiden. Ansonsten alles ok. Hoffe, Dir geht es auch gut. Wünsche Dir einen schönen 3. Advent. Liebe Grüße Mitza

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      • Bei uns ist das Wetter wieder etwas besser. Wir haben sogar die Sonne wieder…hin und wieder halt 😉
        Es geht mir gut, danke dir!
        Wünsch dir auch einen schönen 3. Advent. Der Countdown läuft 😉
        Alles Liebe


    • Thanks a lot, Alexandra. That’s my new camera and I processed the photos with GIMP. How are you? Do you have this ugly weather, too? Everything is so grey and cold here. Wish you a wonderful Sunday in Vienna and keep your chin up. Warm regards Mitza


      • There is definitely a visible improvement in the quality of the photos, i’m sure the new camera helped in that 😀 I’m doing great actually, thank you for asking. The weather here has been awkwardly nice, it’s cold but this past week was everyday sunny! Which is not supposed to be the typical weather for this season but i don’t complain, the warmth of the sun is always nice especially when it’s really cold outside! And it helps to keep a positive mood! 😀 Have a great week my dear Mitza! And i hope the ugly weather will be gone and you can enjoy some nice sun as well!

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    • That’s really nice to hear, Agnes. It’s also nice that you send me warm greetings from West Cork, because it’s quite cold here, hehe. Well, I hope you are fine and wish you a wonderful Sunday, warm regards Mitza

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      • Yes, mild winter weather here today, rainy and dull, but with a mildness that is quite pleasant and you get that here often in the winter. I hope you are enjoying your Sunday too, I’ve just put the finishing touches to two projects, Christmas gifts for my grandchildren, a good feeling that. 🙂


  1. Absolutely stunning photos paired with beautiful poetry, perfect autumn mood with glorious colors! Your new camera focus is superb and love the editing with GIMP. Your last shot has just a perfect autumn foliage and the white mushrooms add a nice contrast to it and is my favorite from this series! Have a wonderful Advent Sunday.~Eva

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    • Your wonderful and very kind comments always make me very happy, Eva. I get a lot of appreciation by wordpress-followers for which I’m very thankful. This new camera is more focussed than the old one, which you can see in the last photo with the white mushrooms that you like. Hope you had a wonderful Advent Sunday. I was in the museum today. Regards Mitza


      • My Sunday just started and today is the day when we decorating our Christmas tree so is going to be a wonderful day! How exiting, I love museums and I hope you will post some beautiful photos of your visit, I also hope you had a wonderful Advent Sunday as well.~Eva

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    • I’m glad to hear from you, too. I hope you are fine and had a wonderful Advent Sunday. I’m happy you liked my post like many others, too. This gives me a good feeling to get so much appreciation. I always love your posts and wish you a wonderful Advent time, virtual hugs, Mitza

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    • It’s a Canon g1x, Natalie. I still have to learn a lot with this camera. My old one was really very easy to handle and good for quick shots. This one is more complicated. But I will do learning by doing. 🙂

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  2. I really like your up-close flower and nature photos. When I walk with my 3-year-old grandson, he sees things I might not have noticed. Finally, I realized that not only is he much closer to the ground, everything is new to him. He spies and mentions things I would just take for granted. Such is the gift of the young.


    • Thanks for liking my close-up flower photos. Must be fun to discover the world with a little child. I have the ability, too, to find a lot of things others don’t see. Well, have a Merry Christmas, regards Mitza


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