Weekly Photo Challenge: Yellow

So many days the world is grey, dark grey, light grey. Rain, thunder, hail outside. No colors, black and white, everything is wrapped in death. How wonderful to see some yellow, some sun, vivid, vibrant, warm summer-feeling. I’m longing for summer and yellow colors.



22 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Yellow

    • Sorry, Judie, your comment was hidden somewhere and I just found it today. Thanks a lot for your kind words. Hope you had a nice X’mas with your wonderful food and wish you a happy turn of the year. Virtual hugs, Mitza

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  1. Excellent shot!
    I rarely dream, but when i do, it’s usually (amazingly) about something that’s going to happen… not about something that already happened. Last night i dreamed about an exploding firecracker. (This flower-burst is rather like an explosion of sorts!)

    Hoping you have a superb Christmas!


  2. Well, this just brightened my day! Our weather is so grey out there this morning so looking at your stunning yellow flower certainly warmed my heart. Superb and intricate details, love, love macro shots, it opens up a whole new world to our eyes to see, it’s a fantastic macro-universe of the most beautiful kind! Wishing you a wonderful Sunday!~Eva

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    • Hi Eva, I’m very thankful and moved by your words. We seem to have the same weather. Do you live in Europe or USA? I get sort of depressed by this weather. So many days only grey, no sun. I love macro, too. I feel like a little insect trying to investigate a flower. It’s somewhat mysterious, the life of flowers. I’m happy I could brighten up your day with my photo. Looking forward to your wonderful posts, regards Mitza

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      • I live on the west coast of Canada by the Pacific Ocean and rainy weather is a staple for winter, no snow up till now but enough grey to make you wish for summer! Most of life is mysterious but some are more interesting than others and flowers are part of that which interest me the best. Well thanks again for that wonderful flower shot and wish you a beautiful Sunday!~Eva

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      • Then I know about how it looks there, Eva. I have been in Vancouver once and enjoyed the beaches with a lot of driftwood a lot, the wonderful overwhelming landscape and the very friendly people. Since days it’s raining cats and dogs here. I cannot go out for a walk. This endless grey makes me sick. I will try to paint or draw to get distracted. Regards Mitza

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