Weekly photo challenge: Warmth

I associate the word warmth with Greece, the wonderful warm sun that makes the sea so enjoyable, that makes fruits so sweet, people so friendly and the sky so incredibly blue. I’m really longing to go back there.



21 thoughts on “Weekly photo challenge: Warmth

  1. How wonderful, I just wrote a couple of seconds ago about Greece and then I see your post! Now that is a beautiful side scene, every possible shade of blue can be found over there, you got to love that, I understand why you longing to go back!~Eva


    • Sorry, Eva, your comment was hidden somewhere. Well, having visited some other countries, I must admit that the sea in Greece has the most beautiful colors of all. The beauties of Greece, in particular Kefalonia, really overwhelm me, it’s sometimes like a sweet pain that hurts so much and you want to die immediately because you have seen this beauty. The air has a smell of wild herbs, a lark is singing somewhere, you hear waves and the rustling of olive leaves in a warm breeze, and that’s all I need to be happy,

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    • Thanks, Judie. I always feel very relaxed being in the nature of this beautiful island. I only hear the waves, birds are singing and the breeze in the olive trees. That’s peace for me. Virtual hugs, Mitza

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    • Have you been to Greece? This place is one of the most beautiful beaches in all the world. I have seen it many times but still it’s ravishing every time again. Have a nice week-end, regards Mitza

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      • Yes, I’ve been to Greece every year for the past 6-7 years. I’ve been to 2 islands, and pretty much the whole North continental Greece. It’s a gorgeous country, and the beaches are absolutely mind blowing. The wildlife is my main reason to go back there. Have a lovely weekend Mitza! Hugs

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    • Don’t diabolize Greece too much. I know there are lots of things wrong, specially for young people. But on the other hand look at the old culture, the beautiful landscapes and very, very friendly and hospitable people, that I never met anywhere else. It took me so many years to understand their mentality but now I really love them. Have a wonderful Sunday in the snow, warm regards Mitza


      • I don’t know what to say to that Mitza…In my 29 years living there, i never felt comfortable, i was always the “alien” cause i was different. Growing up with an Austrian mum, i never had the Greek mentality and that only made my life difficult there. All my good friends are at least half from another country if not total foreigners cause i cannot find anything in common with the “typical” Greek. My few Greek friends always told me that i was born in the wrong place. Greece is beautiful in many ways but i cannot do anything about my mentality not matching theirs. I felt at home from the first few days that i got in Vienna…A feeling i never had in Greece…I’m not holding any bad feelings against this country but i have to accept the fact that maybe it wasn’t right for me… Maybe when i’m older i might miss it but at the moment i don’t…


      • I do understand now what you mean, Alexandra. Being half Greek and half Austrian is as hard as being half German and half Greek. Somehow everybody has to choose the place he feels home. I don’t have the Greek mentality, too, because I’m very calm and love it to be dead calm. Greeks are much too loud for me and sometimes they annoy me with their inconsideration, but on the other hand I have found friends there, that would take off their last shirt for me, and nobody would do that here. Maybe we are torn in both mentalities and I’m happy you found your way in Vienna. Warm regards Mitza


      • Exactly!!! You said the magic word…Loud!!! I’m also very calm and enjoy my peace and quiet and in Greece they tend to just talk without actually saying anything important, just to talk and i hate that small talk and being loud just to show that i’m present. I always had a hard time in groups and i was considered the weird-shy one, when i’m not even shy! Here i talk with people i don’t even know, without even knowing the language that well and we can have real conversations and it’s the first time in my life that i don’t feel awkward in groups. It’s too early for me to talk about friends in Austria but i’m open to see how that will go. In Greece there are only 2 people who i can really call my friends and one of them, she is half Romanian, is coming for a visit in a week so i’m really happy for that πŸ˜€ Maybe if i live for many years in Austria, i’d want to go back to Greece, you never know… I’m open to everything πŸ˜€ My best greetings to you Mitza! β™₯

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      • Funny, Alexandra, reminds me of “My big fat Greek wedding”. And you are completely right. I sometimes go to very remote and quiet places and I’m so happy there and don’t need to talk, just feel, but the Greeks always have to chatter about everything and that can kill the mood. I’m so happy for you that you feel good in Austria and I’m sure that you will find friends there, because you are a wonderful person. Have a wonderful week-end, warm regards Mitza


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