Weekly Photo Challenge: Rule of Thirds

The rule of thirds is also known as the golden ratio and really is very important to know for compositions.
DSC04585 DSC00763



21 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Rule of Thirds

  1. Liebe Mitza. Deine Blümchen machen wirklich Lust auf mehr. Ich finde Blumen zu fotografieren wird nie langweilig. Jede Blume ist so einzigartig in Form und Farbe!!
    Gefällt mir echt gut.
    Schönen Abend

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      • Believe it or not we didn’t have snow at all this winter, actually the day before we had +16! So compared to the rest I’m doing fine and enjoying the beautiful weather over here! How about you, how is your winter so far? Hope you managed so far and the weather didn’t give you to much trouble! Take care and have a wonderful week! ~ Eva


      • We didn’t have snow, too, Eva. I was happy about it as I must ride my bike every day. But it’s not as warm as in Canada, we only have 6 degrees and it’s wet and akward. I’m riding my bike in every weather, even rain and snow. “I’m not made out of sugar” as we say here. In our garden the first snow-drops, spring snowflakes and helebores are coming out. The birds start to sing very confidently as if they feel a coming spring. Take care, too and enjoy every day of your life, regards Mitza

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    • Thank you, Karen. I sometimes wish I would be a butterfly, a wonderful short life in the sun. By the way, I always forgot to tell you how you inspired me. Looking at your cloths I looked at mine and started to sew a table-cloth in which I inserted something my grandma once crocheted for an old huge pillow. Then I made myself a new apron and three sets for my kitchen table in cottage style. The next thing will be curtains for my living room. Thanks for your inspiration, Karen, and for your appreciation of my work, warm regards Mitza


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