Weekly Photo Challenge: Orange


39 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Orange

    • Danke, liebe Stefanie, das war alles aus dem Garten vom letzten Jahr. Ich selbst mag Orange gar nicht so gern. Hoffe, Dir geht es besser. Wir hatten heute ein “geiles” Wetter, 16 Grad und nur Sonne, war herrlich. Liebe Grüße Mitza


  1. What a beautiful gallery! Love the intensity of the orange color, it is so warm, happy, bursting with energy and your subjects are breathtaking with all those crazy wonderful details! It is not possible to pick, they are all equally stunning! Have a super nice weekend Mitza!~Eva


    • I’m happy that I brightened your day. Orange is somehow like the sun and has a lot of warmth. Sorry to hear that you have snow. We had such a wonderful warm sunny day here in Northern Germany. Regards Mitza

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  2. ORANGE! I love orange. I have on a bright peach-colored pullover and a coral and brown long-sleeved shirt. It is one of my favorite outfits! These beautiful flowers fit right in!

    Virtual hugs,

    Judie < — checking the refrigerator for a fresh orange !!

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    • Very funny, Alexandra, mine not either but there are a lot of fans. I had to look quite a while under my 10.000 photos to find something orange. How are you? Hope you are fine. Regards Mitza

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      • Hehe, i don’t even know if i ever photographed anything orange, probably a few flowers but i cannot think of anything else…. and i have more than 150.000 photos…taken since 2006, when i got my first digital camera! 😛 Not very easy to go through so many photos..


      • Goodness gracious, I thought 10.000 photos was a lot but 150.000 is really a lot. When you search for something you want to kill yourself, isn’t it? Must be in good order everything. But for a rainy day it’s a nice pastime. We had wonderful weather with sun here, too. Have been in the garden in the morning and now I’m sewing some new curtains, warm regards Mitza


  3. Whoa, orange it is! Since I’m a Dutchman(woman!) the royals who rule Holland is the House of Orange – so at least once a year, everyone wears something with orange! What weekly challenge is this? Thanks for putting a like on my post!

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