Weekly Photo Challenge: Fresh

Some months ago I bought a golden vintage frame on a fleamarket for one Euro. Looking through my photos I got the idea to paint a bluebell from one of my photos. First of all bluebells are spring flowers, i.e. they are fresh, being in buds. Then my new painting (acrylic colors) is fresh, nearly wet still. And I just hung it up at the wall. You can see the progress of my work on my kitchen-table.


26 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Fresh

    • Liebe Stefanie, stell Dir mal vor: ich habe fast überhaupt keinen Platz, meine Bilder bei uns aufzuhängen, weil ich so viele alte Bilder gesammelt habe. Nur im “Kinderzimmer” hängen ein paar große Bilder, so 60×80. Finde ich nett, dass ich jetzt schon als echte Mitza angesehen werde. Wie war Venedig? Geht’s Dir gut? Hier ist Bombenwetter, nur etwas kühl. Ganz liebe Grüße Mitza

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      • 😉
        Venedig war wirklich wunderschön. Eine unglaubliche Stadt. Ich war vor Jahren schon ein paar Mal dort, aber ich bin immer aufs Neue begeistert…und das Wetter hat auch mitgespielt. Also perfekt.
        Bei uns es wechselhaft…ab morgen soll es wieder regnen. Bin ja gespannt, welches Osterwetter uns in diesem Jahr erwartet. Wünsch dir einen schönen Tag liebe Mitza.
        Liebe Grüsse aus dem Süden

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    • I think an artist is some sort of translater. He looks at something and puts it on paper. I wish I had more time and room to paint/draw. Thanks for your kind words, Judie. Virtual hugs, Mitza

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      • Yes, I think you’re right. Some people can listen to music and sit down at a piano, and play what they have heard. Same with dressmaking. I have terrible visualization, so these talents elude me. I need a map to find the bathroom in my own home – almost! ;->

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      • That’s very funny. I’m completely desorientated, too. I must take care not to loose my way when I’m in certain places. Everybody has different talents. You are a great cook. Just imagine we all had the same talents, hehe.

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    • Thanks a lot, dear Ellen. I’m neglecting my talent lately. Hope to make a new start now. Have been drawing today. Have a wonderful sunny day, warmest regards Mitza


    • Thanks a lot for these compliments. I can do jewellery, too, by the way and many other things. I love arts, I love nature and photography. Have a wonderful day, regards Mitza


  1. You are indeed multi-talented, Mitza. I’m glad to find your new site. I followed your old site after it was already closed and wondered why there were no new posts. Then I read your goodbye note and realised that you have a new home.


    • Thanks a lot, Mary. My old site was filled-up so I had to open a new one. I really have a lot of talents and hobbies in art. Life is sometimes not so beautiful but art always is. Regards Mitza

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