We in our striving think we should last forever,
but could we be used by the Divine
if we were not ephemeral?
(R.M. Rilke)

Weekly Photo Challenge: Ephemeral

25 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Ephemeral

  1. So ein friedliches Bild. Gelungene Aufnahme liebe Mitza. Der Bildausschnitt und der Aufbau sind so stimmig.
    Halt eine echte Mitza 😉
    Wünsch dir einen schönen Palmsonntag
    Liebe Grüsse aus dem frühlingshaften Süden

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    • Liebe Stefanie, Deine lieben Worte rühren mich zuweil. Vielen Dank dafür. Ich wünsche Dir auch einen schönen Palmsonntag. Hier sprießt es zwar, aber es ist ein schreckliches Regenwetter. Bin schon ganz naß geworden beim Radfahren. Liebe Grüße Mitza


    • Dear Ellen, thanks for your appreciation and understanding. Very few people do really understand what I want to express. Good words are always nice to have. Have a wonderful Sunday, too. Will answer soon, warmest regards Mitza


  2. I also appreciate faded blooms –

    “…and every fair from fair sometimes declines,
    by chance, or nature’s changing course, untrimmed”
    – William Shakespeare, Sonnet 18 “Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day”

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    • Thank you so much for your wonderful words, Eva. I searched quite a while to find a suitable quote and now I’m really content myself with my post. Have a wonderful week with lots of sun, kind regards Mitza

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      • If you would know what kind of weather we have here, Eva: hurricane, heavy rain all day long, cold, wet, ugly. I couldn’t go out all day long because I was too afraid, a branch would fall on my head. But everything will change one day. Hope you have better weather, regards Mitza

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      • Wow, that is totally wild! A hurricane, that is terrifying, I hate wind, actually I’m afraid. We had some bad storms here too over the winter month with almost 100 km winds and it was scary. Hang on and stay safe Mitza, thinking on you!
        Here is nice and sunny, not so warm or to warm. Spring is here but up till now not in full power, hope soon the weather condition will improve over there that you can enjoy it as well! Take care my dear friend, wishing you a calm and warm week with no wind and lots of sunshine! ~ Eva


      • We just “survived” two days of hurricane, with about 120 km winds, in southern Germany up to 190 km! Several trees have crashed down around us. 10 people died in Germany. I’m happy it’s a bit better today. Thanks a lot for your wishes. I wish you a wonderful Easter, Eva. Regards Mitza

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