Happy Easter

The Easter Bunny Family has visited us in our garden. We made a stroll together and look what we have found: some eggs, some old things, some beautiful primulas, some corydalis, the first blooming violets, some sweets… Have a Happy Easter all over the world.


18 thoughts on “Happy Easter

  1. This is so lovely! Little bunnies with aprons, gold bunnies, white bunnies and all in a lovely woodland setting. I loved the Wood Anemones and all the Easter flowers. Thank you so much for your Easter wishes. I hope you had a special time surrounded by all your precious things.
    Karen x

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    • I was thinking of you doing this post. I was sure you would like it. Collecting old things is really fun and you always have a vase etc. when you need one. I hope you are fine, Karen. Wish you all the best and a lot of sun and warmth, kind regards Mitza

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      • So good to hear from you Mitza. I have got a little overwhelmed by house renovations, Easter and now the garden….so I am running to catch up with everything! We have fine weather here…I do hope you have it too. x

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      • I can imagine that renovations are very tiring because you have to clean-up all the things later. But soon you will be so happy to have everything beautiful and new and maybe we can see this in your blog, too. I know about garden work!!! My husband always says: a garden is never finished and we have 10.000 sqm in Greece, too, so we never have holidays! Sometimes I just feel like sitting at a pool with a nice cocktail in my hand and watching the clouds pass by, daydreaming a bit….. We have first class weather, too. Wishing you lots of sun and fun, kind regards Mitza

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      • You are right Mitza, I am dusting and mopping every night. I know we love our gardens too, but, yes, the work feels impossible to keep on top of. I don’t think I could cope with two gardens…but then you have figs and pomegranates and that must make your garden so magical! I think your husband could make you a nice cocktail next time you are on a working holiday in Greece.
        Are we mad to push ourselves so hard? I think maybe so, but I don’t think we would be happy doing nothing. We must just dream of it! SO glad you have the good weather too. Karen x

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      • Yes, having figs (12 different kinds) and pomegranates is really nice. We have pears, apples, loquats, Chinese dates (jujube), strawberry trees, almonds, walnuts. But in September there’s not much left. Doing nothing is really boring. But I like to read a lot. Have a wonderful week-end, kind regards Mitza


      • Hi Mitza. Your garden in Greece sounds like Paradise. Do you make lots of preserves? Or store the produce in anyway. In England people have little stands by the side of the road selling their produce. I cant believe all those many varieties of figs. Truly wonderful! x

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      • Hi Karen, hope you are fine and have a little time (except the work in your house) to enjoy the wonderful sunny weather in your garden. The problem with my garden in Greece is that we are only there in September. The fig trees are still small and don’t have enough fruits to preserve. I asked my friend in Greece to do some fig-jam. They have a huge tree, and it was so delicious. I make jam and jelly here from the blackberries, redcurrants, apples and rhubarb in our garden. But when I go to Greece I like to pick some fresh figs and eat them like this. You cannot buy figs that taste like fresh ones. The Greek sun makes everything sweet. We have a lot of work in our garden here, but it’s blooming like in paradise. Have a wonderful day, kind regards Mitza


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