Weekly Photo Challenge: Afloat

Waiting for the fairy in the background I took this photo with a beautiful Greek fisher- boat and some seagulls being afloat.



18 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Afloat

    • I’m so in love with this Greek island (Kefalonia) and find a lot of atmospheric moments and peace there. Can’t wait until September to go there again. Regards Mitza


  1. What a gorgeous spot! I have an ocean view as well and I can stare at the water for many hours and enjoy thoroughly every second of it! We have tones of seagulls, boats and all kind of other distractions and is beautiful beyond imagination to sit quietly and watch how life flows around the water site. Beautiful shot Mitza, puts me in a Zen mood indeed! Have a wonderful weekend my friend!

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    • We have some things in common, dear Eva. The most relaxing thing to me is sitting at the Mediterranean and watching waves, fish, animals, boats etc. The sound of the waves and a lark singing that’s all I need to be content. Like you say: a Zen mood. I wish you a wonderful week and envy you a bit that you have an ocean view. Must be wonderful. Greetings to Canada, Mitza

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