Blurred spring

Hermann Hesse wrote: “there’s a kind of magic in every beginning”. That’s spring for me: a magic, hopeful, happy season with a yearning for more.

This time I went very close to the first flowers of spring so that the photos are a bit blurred (I took two close-up lenses and a magnifying glass). But I like the colors and the mystic atmosphere. Hope you like it, too.


57 thoughts on “Blurred spring

  1. Wunderschöne Aufnahmen liebe Mitza. Hast du dich durch deinen Garten fotografiert?
    Ich finde Farben und Formen einzigartig. Einfach nur zum Entspannen und Genießen!
    Wünsch dir einen schönen Wochenendeausklang
    Liebe Grüsse aus dem kühlen aber sonnigen Süden 😉

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    • Danke, liebe Stefanie. Ich kroch ziemlich lange durch den Garten – bis ich fast nicht mehr hochkam. Bin leider nicht mehr 20!! Aber was macht man nicht alles für schöne Bilder! Unser Garten ist ein Paradies. Gestern war wieder herrliches Wetter. Sonnig, 16 Grad, heute sonnig 20 Grad. Liebe Grüße Mitza


    • Hi Natalie, I hope you are fine. Thank you for taking your time to look at my post and liking it. I was very busy in the last weeks but always looked at your posts. Have a wonderful week- virtual hugs Mitza

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  2. The most perfect Spring shots in my book! Just marvelous and I love the blur as well! Nature is most astonishing in every stage but Spring is the most special for me. I’m over excited to see how the magic of Mother Nature comes alive in front of my eyes!
    These images make me so very happy and filled with joy, thank you for sharing Spring!

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    • Thanks a lot for liking my post, Jesi. I’m happy to find a similar soul. I really do love to “crawl” into the flowers. Nature and flowers are really very peaceful and let me forget troubles and stress. Wish you a wonderful day, regards Mitza


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