Old doors – Kefalonia – Greece VIII

Here are some more old doors from Kefalonia, Greece. This time I found some nice old doorknockers and door mountings, too. For all old door fans – enjoy!


39 thoughts on “Old doors – Kefalonia – Greece VIII

  1. Some old door speaks volumes. Some of us look at the decay and say it adds character, others would put them out as rubbish. We have council pick-up of ‘household waste’ once a fortnight and often you’d see an old gate on the piles. Then a truck comes along, throw them all in the back and they get crushed.

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    • I think that there’s beauty in decay, Mary. Doors are like people. Some are still young and considered to be beautiful but a bit boring , and nobody sees that old people – like old doors – have a lot of character and wonderful colors. If you look with love on old things, they have a soul, at least for me. It’s a real pity if such old things are thrown into the rubbish. Have a wonderful week-end, regards Mitza

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    • Dear Natalie, that’s really good news. That means that you feel good enough to travel. You can find a lot of old doors in Europe, in every country. Thanks for your approval, virtual hugs Mitza


  2. Lovely collection Mitza! Somehow I’m attracted to rusty, old looking things, they have a super powerful charm and add so much character and these are no exception! Time and the elements put a beautiful twist on everything men made, isn’t it! Thank you for sharing these charming treasures indeed.
    Have a super lovely weekend, hope this week was good to you!

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    • I’m always happy to find others that like rusty old things like I do. (Sometimes ask myself if I’m normal loving these decaying things, hehe) Just imagine I am surrounded by old things in my flat. I love every little old piece. It has a history to tell and for me they are all charming.
      Thanks for your good wishes. I have a fleamarket tomorrow. Lots of work but hopefully fun, sun, no rain. Wish you a wonderful week-end, too, dear Eva. Virtual hugs Mitza

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  3. These photos are for me! No, I know they are not really, but they are so what makes my heart sing! I have been taking photos of peeling paint, old doors, rusty metal, for many, many years. It’s funny isn’t it, what makes us tick? I love them all dear Mitza- they have heart and soul and just a little quirkiness, which is good, good, good! Have a happy weekend. It is very cold here and I am off into the garden to divide some Snowdrops, then cook a stew! Ah, Spring in England 🙂


    • Dear Karen, yes these doors are for you! I dedicate them to you because we have the same feeling for such old rusty things. I feel that old things have a heart and soul, too. (How much I love all my thousands of old things!) Everything – every door – tells us a story of sadness, happyness, wealth, poverty or whatsoever.
      I cooked a beef olive today. And I’m preparing my fair tomorrow. Lots of work, but we have fairly good weather. Spring in England must be wonderful. I remember when we were in southern England once and visited some wonderful parks and castles. Have a wonderful day, kind regards Mitza


  4. Your photography is just beautiful, what a talent you have for capturing such images. Thank you for visiting my blog today as in turn I’ve discovered you and decided to follow your blog! I look forward to seeing your future posts, thank you for sharing these with the world.

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    • It was a pleasure visiting your blog. Thank you so much for your kind words and approval for my blog. Maybe because I studied arts and have a very aesthetic mind I take a lot of care for good photos. Thanks for following, have a wonderful week-end, regards Mitza

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