Weekly Photo Challenge: Off-Season

When we go to Greece in September nearly all the tourists have gone and the beaches are lonely. The umbrellas and sunbeds are still there but they have a slightly melancholic atmosphere and soon they will be removed. This off-season is my favorite time because I like lonelyness and silence.



18 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Off-Season

    • Danke, liebe Stefanie. Da ganz in der Nähe ist mein “Acker”, wo wir immer abends drauf arbeiten. Freue mich schon sehr auf Griechenland, liebe Grüße Mitza


  1. great shot! I also noticed how it ties in so well to your gorgeous header Rose – with the soft pink blushes of colour!! that is something I never think of doing at all… oh, and I looked up Horst Janssen. I love his floral art pieces. everything floral is spectacular! I think he viewed “people” …in a totally different light however! his images of people make me think of misunderstandings, confusion, mental anguish, harsh criticisms. It made me reflect, and think perhaps he didn’t like people so much. Horst Janssen’s floral images I’d love to hang in my house, on every wall, they are so expressive & filled with loveliness. his people, not so much. But they are indeed …. expressive. thank you for giving me his name to see his work 🙂 debi riley

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    • Why don’t you want to do a photo with pink blushes? I didn’t understand that. Horst Janssen was a character! He was an alcoholic, though very funny and intelligent. But away from this he was a really very, very talented man. I love his floral images best of all, too. I don’t know if he didn’t like people so much. But anyway he had such a talent for composition and colors no matter what he painted. And guess what some days ago I went to a thrift shop and found a monochrome printing with birch trees in blue, autographed by him personally for 10 Euros. They didn’t know what kind of treasure it was and I am so happy, stands right next to my bed to be looked at when I get up or go to sleep, always so content about it. Regards Mitza


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