Weekly Photo Challenge: Close up

I love close up photos. I have two close-up lenses and sometimes use a magnifying glass additionally, so that I can get closest possible. I have made a variety of different subjects, be it a goose, a sardine, flowers, insects etc. I must admit the goose was a very friendly one, instead of hissing at me, it looked at me curiously, maybe to find out if I had some bread. This bird was so cute because it had bow legs. You can see it’s tootsy wootsy down left. The sardines have been cleaned and fried in the oven with lemon juice, olive oil and garlic together with some tasty mashed potatoes with little pieces of sheep cheese and dried tomatoes. I like the photo with the thistle a lot, it nearly seams to spin. I picked the red current to cook some wonderful jam.


49 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Close up

    • Mary, being highly sensitive gives me the opportunity to show a lot of details that I see to the others that might not see them. I’m happy about your wonderful words. Have a nice day, regards Mitza

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    • Thomas, I knew that you would like the insects. I don’t know the name of one of the insects but it was cute how it looked at me. Hope you are fine, have a wonderful day, regards Mitza


      • Thanks so much, Mitza! I love your posts and we share Stefanie’s friendship. I cannot complain… Have a great evening! We are starting our day in southern California.

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      • Thank you Fabio for loving my posts. I have a lot to do with my 1300 followers. So please excuse if I overlook yours. Yes, Stefanie, is one of the nicest fellow bloggers I have met. She has a lot of talent and a very good heart. Be lucky that you are in southern California. Our weather is terrible here, only cold and rainy, that’s our summer, sigh

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    • yes, Alexandra, that’s true. Sometimes I find an insect that has hidden in a flower etc. But in general I see a lot more than other people, I’m a person that loves details and is always looking around. My world is visual. 🙂

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