Cute animals from our rural open air museum

In a former post I have shown you old farmhouses, cottages, mills, barns, etc. from our rural open air museum.  Today I want to show you the wonderful animals they have there. Some of them are very rare breeds which have been very common in former times (unfortunately I couldn’t find the English translations for some chicken and duck breeds). All these animals are very trustful and tame, and made a very happy impression on me. I would say, they had something like a smile on their cute faces. I had posted the photo with the white goose before, but it belongs in this context. I enjoyed my stay in this open air museum a lot and gave some crums of my cake to a white chicken.

The good-looking guy is living in the old farmhouse. He is a blacksmith and works with the big horses. They have several old carriages for special celebrations and some old agricultural machines. From time to time the horses are getting shoed and the sheep are getting clipped, then they bake bread in the old stoves and spin the wool. I couldn’t photograph the sheep because they were on a remote pasture. The cats and the dogs were probably hiding in the shade as it was quite hot on this day.


40 thoughts on “Cute animals from our rural open air museum

      • Thanks for taking us to a piece of paradise, Mitza! 🙂 I don’t have pets but the fantails in my pond have names – alas they’re down to six again, down from nine before I went away. Good day to you; or maybe it’s good night 🙂 It’s 3 a.m. here

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      • Thanks for your comment, Mary. I like the idea that you gave names to your fantails. The pigs in this museum were called Gustav and Edmund. Funny names, hehe.
        Have a wonderful day, regards Mitza

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  1. Having lived on a farm with goats, ducks, turkeys, chickens and pigs, this brought back some lovely memories for me. Goats can be very funny creatures so the last photo is very appropriate. Thank you for sharing. 🙂

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    • I can imagine that this brings back lovely memories, Jane. Must have been a wonderful time there. Everybody seems to like the last photo. I’m happy about it. Have a wonderful day, regards Mitza

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  2. When with the animals, is it not more about the senses of smell and hearing? If one’s sense of smell is not attuned to farm animals…it can be a shock, no?

    For many, it might be enough just to appreciate these fine photos of animals–from ‘distance’ that increases the pleasure of viewing…works for me. Thank you for the images. 🙂

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    • When animals are outside and kept clean the smell is not that bad. Not really a shock. I don’t really like to visit pig stables inside, but this was quite okay. Thanks a lot for your comment. Regards Mitza

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  3. awwwwwwwwwww 😀 The photo of the goat is the best! So cute! I want to go to such a farm and spend time with the animals! We used to have so many animals in my village in Greece when i was little…but then everybody became too good to spend their time with farms etc…and they all became businessmen with crappy hotels and restaurants! Now you cannot a find a single goat or chicken anymore…

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    • Hi Alex, I thought you would be fed-up with goats coming from Greece. In Kefalonia we have so many goats and sheep and they eat everything. But I like sheep-cheese and natural eggs etc. I’m looking forward to my holidays in Greece in some days. Hope you are fine and thanks for your nice comment. Enjoy your life, kind regards Mitza


    • Liebe Stefanie, die Ente war wirklich so süß und überhaupt nicht scheu. Sie war richtig tiefenentspannt – so wie ich gerne mal wäre, haha. Es gefällt mir immer so gut in diesem Museumsdorf. Hoffe, Dir geht es gut. In ein paar Tagen geht’s ab nach Griechenland. Alles Liebe Mitza

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    • You really put a smile on my face with your comment. That’s really nice to hear, thanks a lot. Many people love the goat the most, me too, even though you can hardly see it, hehe


    • thank you, Francisco. Maybe it’s because I’m living in a complete different part of the world that you might not know, as well as I don’t know the wonderful plants and flowers you photograph so beautifully and which I like a lot, too, regards Mitza

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