Mediterranean beetles, butterflies, snails and a lizard

Hello again, dear friends and followers, I have been in Greece (Kefalonia) for a month. This was a very warm month due to the fantastic weather and warmhearted Greek people. When I woke-up in the morning the endlessly blue sky was greeting me, the sun warmed my heart, the earth and all the wonderful flowers, trees and animals that live there.Β  One morning we went to a beach where a quince tree was growing which had lost some fruits, which attracted all kinds of wonderful butterflies. Due to the heat, these insects are moving quickly and it took a lot of patience to photograph them. One of them was really huge and even more beautiful outside than inside. These photos are still from last year. This year I took more than 1000 photos which have to be processed by me in the next days and weeks. I have found a lot of old doors again and some cats and dogs, etc.


40 thoughts on “Mediterranean beetles, butterflies, snails and a lizard

      • How funny, Tom. I have seen this here in Germany, too. As I am a real “pickaholic” it was quite interesting for me. But the antics you have are much different from ours. We have a few more centuries of culture, sorry. But if they look for old rusty gold, then Kefalonia is the place to go. Thanks for your comment, have a wonderful day, regards Mitza


  1. I love this montage of the micro-world, and it’s a joy to recognise one or two of the same species seen here inb Scotland – the Red Admiral and the Dor Beetle. I’m glad you enjoyed Greece too! kInd wishes, John

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    • Yes, we have the Admiral in Germany, too, but not too often. In Greece they have a lot of beautiful huge butterflies and beetles. Greece is a very beautiful country where the sun is shining a lot, not like here where it’s dark grey and raining for days. Hope you have better weather, John, and thanks for your comment, regards Mitza


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