While golden fairies are shedding final tears on pink roses and adorn the bushes with diamond spider-webs,
nature bursts- out in a fatal exhilaration of colors.
A little lonesome robin sings a last lugubrious farewell to summer and a ladybug is looking for shelter under a red fungal umbrella.
The cheerful chatter of the geese and cranes in the sky makes me sad.
Now the world loses all colors and turns into an impenetrable grey mist, monotonous, only grey, a suffocating witch’s veil.



61 thoughts on “Autumn

  1. stunning! what an eye for beauty πŸ™‚ your prose is so expressive and matches your images beautifully Mitza. I’m not a huge fan of grey… so I’ve created ways to ‘fix’ it (even if its just in my head); I create new paint mixes to rose grey it up, or make it more lavender, I came from Seattle! lol

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    • Thanks a lot, Debi. Sometimes I feel like a bottle of champaign that has been shaken and the bottlecork is shooting out. This post had to come out, I had to do a “poem” and photos, otherwise I would have exploded, hehe.
      I like grey for clothes together with black or dark blue. Is that true that you come from Seatlle or is it a joke? πŸ™‚


  2. May the bright colors of fall and the cheerfulness of its images that you captured so well in your post carry you through the gray months ahead! I detect deep spiritual meaning in your poetic introduction, Mitza.


    • thanks a lot, Peter. Maybe you remember these plants from Germany? Up to now we have wonderful cold but sunny weather. I’m only afraid of November. I’m happy my little efforts to be a poet have found so much approval. Maybe that’s because my second name is Thalia, the gooddess of poems, hehe, have a lovely day, regards Mitza


    • I’m happy you found my new blog, Eva. Your comments have been missing and your kind words, too. I’m very happy you liked my photos. You know I always do everything with all my heart. Have a wonderful day, kind regards Mitza

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      • You’re a beautiful human being with a big heart and I respect that a lot. Always kind, sensitive very generous so I’m more then happy to know you and share the space with your beautiful photography on WP. What a great community, isn’t. Wishing you as well a most wonderful day!~Eva

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      • thank you so much. At least I try every day to be a good human being. I have found a lot of wonderful women in WP which enriches my life a lot, including you. So I’m very happy to “have you back”. Mitza

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