Weekly Photo Challenge: Happy Place

When we are in Kefalonia, we go swimming every day at the Petani bay. This bay is about 900 m wide and has two beaches which are really stunning. The bigger one is called Petani and the smaller at the left hand side is called Agia Eleni (Saint Helen). We love both beaches a lot because they are overwhelming. The sea is incredibly sapphirine-blue, aquamarine and turquoise. This is our happy place. I have made photos from different sites to give you an impression about the ravishing beauty and magnificence of this place.


50 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Happy Place

    • Yes, Karen, just imagine the smell of wild herbs, the warm air like velvet on your skin, the warm sea, it’s calm, you only hear waves. I could fall asleep immediately, it calms me down. Have a wonderful week-end with purry Josef, kind regards Mitza

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      • A photo says more than 1000 words, that’s what our friend always says. But you cannot catch the smell of the air, the heat etc. And having read so many thousands of books (specially Russian authors) I love their descriptions of nature so much. Hope you and Josef are fine, kind regards from autumnal Hamburg, Mitza

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      • The weather here has been so wonderful Mitza. We had a very wet Summer, but a glorious Autumn. But today it rains, so it is a day for new ideas and a chance to slow down and rest.
        You are so well read Mitza, it must be a great comfort to go back and re-read your favourites. I feel that the works of good authors go into our hearts and souls and become part of us. My imagination is full of images from my favourite books. They enrich our lives and make us who we are. Magical, isn’t it? x

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      • I’m just listening to some wonderful Russian music and besides visit my blog to answer your wonderful comment. It’s so hard to find people that understand what a treasure books can be. Your words were like honey on my lips. There are so many wonderful books that give us wisdom, beauty, enrichment, sadness, happyness, fulfillment etc. Really magical, like you say. I’m just reading Henry Miller “Plexus” where he writes about the beginning of his career. Quite interesting.
        We had some nice autumn days, too and some rain. Good for you to have some time to slow down with Josef. Many kind regards Mitza


    • That’s a dangerous place, too. Some years ago I went up from the beach when a young German came down (for the first time I guess). He was so overwhelmed by the sight, that he crashed into my car, but fortunately nothing happened, except that I had to pay 300 Euros. But in general it’s a little paradise. thanks for your comment, Tom, hope you feel better and have a wonderful week-end, regards Mitza


  1. Heavenly spot to go to Mitza, you’re very lucky to visit such paradise, it can only bring happiness! Love how you showed us all the different angles of it, is absolute perfection and made me happy only looking at that beautiful blue water and perfect white sand! Thank for sharing your paradise with us!~Eva

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    • I’m happy I could transport some happiness to you by my photos. Just imagine the smell of wild herbs, warm air like velvet on your skin, calming waves, etc. That’s paradise for me, even though it is not sand, it’s white marble pebbles. Have a wonderful and happy week-end, kind regards Mitza

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