Autumn II

Autumn by Rainer Maria Rilke (translated by James Burnham)

Oh the sight of a tall shedding tree:
to us it has grown to the limit of the sky
that breaks through its branches.
Filled with summer, almost thoughtful,
its faithful head seemed deep and thick.
But now its bones cross the sky like streets.
And the sky doesn’t know us.
At best, if we tried to warp
like birds through new openings,
we would be denied by the right of space
to consort only with worlds.
Like flags, the waves we feel in our seams
seek the connection and comfort of open spaces—
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
But the crown of the tree appears like homesickness


38 thoughts on “Autumn II

    • thanks a lot, Peter. You probably and hopefully remember Rainer Maria Rilke from Germany. It’s not easy to find good translations. Nobody could express things better than Rilke so I let him do it, hehe.

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    • Danke, liebe Stefanie. Ich hoffe, Ihr hattet auch so schöne sonnige Herbsttage und du konntest schöne Bilder machen. Ich hoffe, es geht Dir besser. Wenn Du magst, kannst mir gerne eine mail schreiben. Alles Liebe und Gute für Dich, Gruß Mitza


  1. Love how you always bring and blend Natures beauty not only with wonderful shots but accompanied by great poetry. Such a sensitive display where all aspects of a beautiful autumn is displayed. The colors, the mood, the light, the richness and variety of it all for our senses to enjoy. Thank you for this treat Mitza, I’m always looking forward to see the beauty which surrounds us through your eyes!
    Have a marvelous week!~Eva

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    • Dear Eva, you indeed make me speechless. I’m really always trying to show the beauty and details I see around me to the world because I sometimes see more than others as I’m highly sensitive. I’m more than happy about your comment and understanding of my post. After this comment I can only have a marvelous week, thanks again, have a marvelous week, too, kind regards Mitza

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    • Really astonishing for me that he is so appreciated also in English speaking countries. It is rather difficult to translate his extremely beautiful poems into another language. Thanks a lot for your approval and like, have a nice day, regards Mitza


    • It was a pleasure to visit your blog. Unfortunately I only “discovered” Rilke and his gorgeous poems some years ago and since then I must admit that I have never read anything more beautiful. It’s sometimes hard to find a good English translation. Good to know that you liked the poem, too. 🙂


    • I’m really overwhelmed, James, that you write to me. Translating Rilke is really very difficult, I’ve given it a try. To me it seems nearly impossible. That’s why I highly appreciate your translation which shows that you love Rilke, too. He is a master of words and it’s not so easy to find good translations. Thanks again for your translation and approval of my post. Regards Mitza


      • Yes, it does seem nearly impossible! In fact, since the translation was selected by several years ago, I have reworked lines 8-11. You may or may not prefer it to the first version:

        The best we can do is cast ourselves
        like birds into new-found openings,
        limited by the law of space
        that deals only with worlds.

        Looking forward to more of your images!

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      • I have already posted some poems from Rilke with my photos, but maybe not all have been translated by you. I think both of your translations are wonderful and they take as a basis that you have profound knowledge of the German language. I sometimes “try” to do poems by myself. You can find them in my old blog under the titel “salmon sunrise” and “autumn- flowers and seeds in macro”. I would be interested to know if you would like them a little. Thanks for your kind comment, James, have a nice day, regards Mitza


  2. Your poems (“Night is hesitantly drawing away the black curtain” and “Under the dark grey wings of the Cherubim”) are very beautiful. Together with your amazing photographs, one is struck by the endless beauty in nature that is there if we take the time to look. It overwhelms you and then you have no choice but to write a poem! Thank you for your kind words and the incredible discoveries just waiting to be found by your camera.

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    • I’m very thankful for your very nice comment, Jim. I’m sometimes overwhelmed by the beauty of nature and then it bursts out in a little verse. I’m happy that you understood my intentions and that you found my blog. Have a nice day, best wishes Mitza


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