Weekly Photo Challenge: Ornate

This weekly photo challenge gives me the opportunity to show you some lovely ornated old houses and doors from the area in and around Hamburg/ Germany. Most of the houses are from art nouveau and some a bit older.




52 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Ornate

    • Danke Peter. Die Häuser, die ich fotografiert habe, sind nur mal angestrichen worden, denn sie sind ja schon 100 und mehr Jahre alt. Leider sind sehr viele schöne Häuser im Krieg kaputt gegangen und es sind viele neue Häuser entstanden, die nicht immer so schön sind wie die alten, die um die Alster herum stehen, wo es eben auch sehr teuer ist, denn so eine Wohnung hat schon mal 150 – 200 qm. Liebe Grüße aus Hamburg, Mitza


    • thank you, Debi. Old doors have something magical, I think. They let your imagination run free who is living there and how. And I can tell you, behind these doors there is not poverty. They are in the best areas of Hamburg and have huge flats with stuccoed ceilings. Very beautiful. Wish I could live there in 150 – 200 sqm. :))

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    • In former times people had a different demand on high and beautiful standards than today and in the art nouveau time they wanted to ornate and decorate because it was their taste. I wish we had such beautiful houses and doors still, but everything is box-shaped and ugly. I’m always looking for architectural details wherever I go. Thank you for your comment, regards Mitza

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  1. What a wonderful collection for the theme Mitza! Back in my home town we have this kind of old buildings as well and I always loved gazing upon them, the wonderful intricate details are most eye catching and very beautiful. Always loved this type of craftsmanship, gives such a character to the building you just wonder as you said “who lives there” what kind of folk?
    It’s great that there are still or most countries in Europa have this type of architecture that we can be proud of our history.
    Thank you for sharing the treasures of Hamburg with us!
    Wishing you a most wonderful week~Eva

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    • Thank you so much for your wonderful comment, dear Eva. In former times the craftsmanship was so beautiful and intricate, the art nouveau was a time for ornated things, mostly in floral designs, which I love a lot. Wish I could live in such a house. I’m happy you like the treasures of Hamburg, dear Eva and wish you a wonderful week, too, kind regards Mitza

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    • vielen Dank, Jule. Das ist ja schade, dass in Kiel nur noch so wenig übrig ist. Ich bin ja in Harvestehude groß geworden, inmitten schöner alter Häuser. Das war schön. Gruß Mitza


    • thank you again for your approval of my photos and my hometown. We can be lucky that during WWII the English Army didn’t destroy more of our town because London is not too far from here, which is another beautiful town.

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