Weekly Photo Challenge: Trio

This weekly’s photo challenge gives me the opportunity to post some flowers from our garden.


28 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Trio

  1. Your garden must be like heaven when is in full bloom! Such beauty can bring only joy and happiness, these little princesses make me smile, adorably cute trios! Your macro flowers are the best, can’t stop marvel at all the little detailed designs which Mother Nature offers us constantly! Isn’t that absolute perfection, no mistakes at all!!! It is Sunday morning here and your post was the first thing I lay my eyes on and that is priceless, you brought sunshine into my soul, thank you Mitza for always sharing generously your wonderful treasures!
    Have a lovely Sunday evening!~ Eva

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    • dear Eva, your comments are always very moving and you return the joy you had looking at these photos to me. Nature is divine for me, made in the golden ratio, beautiful, soothing, calming, joyful, overwhelming. It’s a real luck to have a little garden in a town. For me it is heaven, you are right. I’m happy you liked it so much, thanks again, have a wonderful, sunny day, hugs Mitza

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    • Someone else from Canada wrote the same, Peter, and it is really true. Our weather is ugly and damp right now and I can still feel the sun when I look at my photos. I don’t like winter, regards from Hamburg, Mitza

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