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In the last months I’m sometimes a bit desperate due to a lack of time. I want to draw/paint, make jewelry, photograph etc., but I don’t have enough time. Due to my restless legs syndrome I have to bicycle a lot in order to feel good. I bicycle nearly 2 hours per day, no matter how the weather is, if it snows, rains, storms, etc. This means that I spend about 14 hours on my bike every week. What could I do in this time!! But still in every free hour I try to pursue my artistic hobbies and abilities. Here you can see my latest oeuvre in jewelry. Evrything was invented and made by me in Sterling silver (925/1000) with various half-precious stones like agate, lapizlazuli, amethyst, fluorite and jadeΒ  as well as foam coral, coral, mammoth tooth, ebony, pearls and lava.


59 thoughts on “handmade jewelry

    • Thanks for your approval. Somehow a lot of my work is some sort of floral. It’s really interesting to see who likes which piece of my work. Regarding my physical issue you are right. I could take pills, too, but the dose would rise continously. On the other hand my bicycling dose is rising, too. But it’s not bad to be outside:)


  1. Wow Mitza, these are very beautiful and most unique designs! Love the art deco influence on some of the pieces. Your creative personality and love of nature shines through them! Love how you set up the supporting background for each piece by using nature once again, perfectly organic showcase. My dear friend you’re a wonderful multi talented human being with an impressive skill set and the results of those skills leaves me feeling inspired by it!
    I know the feeling of restless legs, I have it , my mother had it I guess runs in the family , something quite annoying with which we learned to live. I take magnesium beside exercising, which helps and is better then the suggestion of the doctors to inject some stuff in my legs. My thoughts are with you on this one!
    We did have a lovely sunny week up till now, very cold too, but as long the sun shines we can bundle up an go! I hope your week was nice as well and I wish you a most beautiful weekend!
    Thanks for sharing your beautiful art with us!~Eva

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    • Dear Eva, thank you for your always wonderful, sensitive comments from artist to artist (hehe). Somehow I always want to do everything as beautiful as possible. Having quite some talents is so normal for me that I don’t even think about it.
      Regarding the legs: of course I could take pills but the dose would rise. But some day I will die from exhaustion because my bicycling dose is rising, too, hehe.
      You are really lucky with your weather. November in Hamburg is nearly “suicide weather”. It’s always raining, dark grey and damp. Dreaming of Hawai or something cozy. Have a nice week, too, dear Eva, and thank you for your support, kind regards Mitza

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    • hehe, the funny thing is that I’m on the one hand fit for my age, but on the other hand I always ask myself why I don’t look like a sporting ace, hehe. I’m a bit chocoholic. I don’t have an online store where I sell my jewelry. I’m waiting for a good artisans market to sell my things, but unfortunately the fees are always very high. Thanks a lot for your approval, have a nice day, regards Mitza


  2. Wonderful post on your jewellery work! I will pass it on to my wife, who suffers from the same lack of time due to her many interests in outdoor activity, art, photography, rock painting, cooking, baking, etc. etc. You might want to drop in at bieneklopp.com to see what she is doing on her blog these days.

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    • Thank you, Peter. I guess women like jewelry more than men. That’s really interesting that she has so many hobbies, too. I will take a look at her works.
      By the way, regarding the Bertelsmann books. I bought an ebook some months ago and my son downloaded for me a lot of books from my favorite authors free of charge. That would be a good thing for you, too. You don’t pay money for books, don’t have so many books and can read wherever and whenever you want. Regards Mitza

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  3. I exercise a lot as well to manage anxiety and so I empathize with your situation, but I know for me that it has helped me manage the rest of my life so much better, including artwork (another thing that channels my focus and uses energy for a good thing). I have been grateful that I have these outlets and I depend on them.. So. anyway, I want to say, I love what you have showed us here. I am very partial to the earrings with orange stones, how bright and citrusy they look!

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    • I agree with you. If your problems are a train, you can put it on a good rail that leads to a wonderful place by arts. I have a lot of psychological problems, too, which I don’t want to state here, but art always helped me. I’m happy it’s the same with you. Just imagine you didn’t find out this and you would start drinking etc. Thanks for liking my jewelry. The orange “stone” is a sort of coral. Have a nice day, regards Mitza

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