Old doors IX – Kefalonia / Greece

I still have so many old Greek doors and gates to show you. On some of the houses you will see a sprayed cross or triangle in different colors. This was made by civil engineers after the last earthquake to state if a house was still habitable or not.


57 thoughts on “Old doors IX – Kefalonia / Greece

    • thanks for your comment and approval. A door is something very individual I think. It says a lot about the owner and gives our fantasy the opportunity to think about who’s living there and how. Have a wonderful day, regards Mitza

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  1. Symbolically, the door stands for opportunities missed and for opportunities taken. also when one door closes, another opens etc. These are the thoughts that cross my mind, when I look at the wonderful photos in your post, Mitza.

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    • thanks a lot, Peter, it’s really interesting what kind of thoughts people have about doors. Your thoughts are very good and new. Somehow I think in a fairy tale a door was the entrance to a secret because sometimes it was forbidden to open it and it had a symbolic meaning like all fairy tales. Have a nice day in Canada, here it’s very cold, -7 and snows. Mitza

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  2. Lovely collage Mitza! I can’t get enough of those blue doors, I believe they are the prettiest in the world, nowhere else can you find “that” kinda blue.
    Very interesting info about the spraying on the houses after the earthquake, I can see it on some of the shots!
    Very intricate lovely iron work on some and very simple on others, I would
    guess that has to do something with the status-quo. Behind those doors are always stories of lives, wouldn’t be nice if we could find out? Take a peek πŸ™‚
    Hope you having a good week Mitza! Hugs~eva

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    • Thank you again, dear Eva, for your always wonderful and heartfelt words, which I appreciate a lot. A door can say a lot about the owner of the house, I think. Doors are so fascinating because we always ponder what might be behind them.
      Hope you have a good week, too, dear Eva, virtual hugs, Mitza

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  3. It is wonderful to see how many people have enjoyed your post about doors! And I love them too Mitza. I can not explain why, but the ones I like best are the ones with peeling paint, or with corroded metal. These, to me have heart and soul and I can respond to them as if they carry beauty and a certain kind of poetry. They certainly speak to me πŸ˜€

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    • Thanks a lot, dear Karen, for your wonderful comment. I completely agree with you, the more decayed the better. Wish people would think about women like that, hehe.
      Thanks for your mail, got the photo, very nice necklace. Have a wonderful weekend with Josef, a little kiss for him and a virtual hug for you, Mitza

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      • There should have been several pages with the Birthstones attachment….hope they all came. I am cooking my carrot harvest today, so the house smells of spices and coconut milk as I make soups and purees. Nice work for a Sunday. I hope you are warm and well. Josef loves his Mitza kisses and I send you a hug too. Karen πŸ™‚

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      • No, sorry, I only got one photo with a necklace. This carrot harvest day sounds really delicious. I love carrots. Do you like pumpkin soup, too? I always use Hokkaido pumpkin with some carrots and potatos, ginger, a little honey and some soya cream. It’s very delicious. Hugs to both of you, Mitza


      • No snow here now Mitza. It is raining, again. I try not to conform to the stereotype of the English person who only talks about the weather. It is just that it is usually so rainy here 😦
        Karen x

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      • I know, England is known for rain, but Hamburg is the most British town in Germany – and guess what – it rains a lot, too. Today it was very dark so I couldn’t do any photos. I looked for the balls but couldn’t f ind them yet. Maybe I send you photos from the earrings I have made already. How do you like grey or white pearls? May the sun be in your heart, πŸ™‚ Mitza


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