Weekly Photo Challenge: Seasons

I must admit I’m in love with summer. Even though Hamburg (Germany) is the most beautiful town in the world, the weather is exactly the opposite. Since weeks we have a lot of rainy days and I (as some sort of artist) am looking for colors. Here everything is more or less grey, at least 49 shades of grey. That’s why I’m dreaming of Greece where we always go in the summer. Every morning when I get up and look outside I can’t believe that the sky is always blue. It’s a very intense blue and the sea has such a beautiful turquoise color that I have never seen anywhere else. In order to feel a little happier and to please my followers I looked for some photos which might be beautiful to you, too. I wish you all a lot of sun and beautiful colors.


62 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Seasons

    • Vielen Dank, liebe Stefanie. Das sind alles meine Lieblingsplรคtze dort. Es ist dort teilweise so einsam, dass Du nur Vรถgel singen hรถrst und Meeresrauschen. Das ist Glรผck pur fรผr mich. Alles Liebe Mitza


    • Kefalonia is a very beautiful island which has a great mixture of mountains (up to 1700 m high) and beautiful beaches. Here in Hamburg the highest mountain might be 200 m. It’s so flat that you can see visitors one week before they come, which gives you the opportunity to hide if you don’t like them, hehe, regards Mitza

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  1. Fantastic Greece, love the blues of Greece, there is no other place with that blue! This is such a feel good post, I just closed my eyes and I could hear the sound of the waves, smell the sea, hear the seagulls and feel the joy of it all!
    I can imagine myself as well waking up every morning to that splendor, you can be only happy and smile straight from the beginning of the day! You certainly transported us into a beautiful summer season! Thanks for the treat Mitza! Much love and hugs~Eva

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  2. My wife and I spent the first 8 years in Alberta, truly a sunshine province. But with the abundance of sunny days and the lack of rain comes the 50th shade of grey. The land looks parched in midsummer and the plants are crying out for water. We eventually moved into Beautiful British Columbia, gorgeous, lush and GREEN. But come winter, we living so close to the Pacific suffer under the same depressing cloud cover as you do in Hamburg. Your photos cheered me up this morning. Thank you, Mitza!

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    • Alberta seems to be like Greece. It doesn’t rain in Greece from March to September and of course most of the plants and trees are dried out. But when the first rains start nature nearly explodes. I have been in Vancouver once and really liked the nature there. I didn’t think that you had such depressing weather there, too. I thought we here in Hamburg have the worst weather all over. I’m happy you liked my post. It’s really nice being able to live in two different countries and climates. Regards to Canada, Peter, Mitza

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