DSC00497Today I want to show you some textures that I have photographed in the last years. You can see: decayed painted wood, a leaf, a rusty old door, the bark of eucalyptus trees, the abraded surface of an old ship, an old wooden telegraph pole, birch tree bark, tree fungus, an old door with wood an glass, an antic roof shingle, a succulent plant and a so called “bee-hotel”. For me it was important that all these things have a good composition of colors, as well as a good relation of darkness and light. Some of these things look like acquarel paintings.


65 thoughts on “Textures

  1. Mitza fabulous, of course!! beautiful and intriguing, the patterns of things we often pass by – you see! Very exciting 🙂 I just can’t choose my fav; i do like the first featured photo, And # 7847 has a soft placidity to it I find compelling in its own way….with those muted greys and cool wintery palette.
    Great collection of photographs Mitza, thank you for sharing these lovelies!! Debi

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    • I somehow did this post for you, Debi, because I know that you like textures. The No you prefer is from an old boat in Greece. I love those colors, too. And as you say, I love to find things others don’t see – just like you.
      We still have quite cold weather here. Wish it would change soon. Cheers Mitza

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      • April will get a bit warmer!
        when we lived by Olympic Mtns it was Jan – March was coldest. mid April sun peeked thru. ….Still had to crank the house heat up until end of June. But, lucky us, we did, have the central heat for that house.
        yes, I have many things to be grateful for; which I need to remind myself of often!! 🙂
        hopefully, I can get central air conditioning for this house so I don’t get heat induced migraines/asthma!

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      • I hope you get a central air condition. Must be terrible to have migraines and asthma (a Greek word by the way). I’m happy I don’t have such problems. Maybe some bicycling helps, hehe

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    • Thank you, Peter. Somehow I’m always looking to find something, be it textures or fleamarket finds. But maybe I have the ability to see a bit more than the average because I’m highly sensitive and an artist. Have a nice day, regards Mitza

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