Weekly Photo Challenge: Landscape

I would like to participate in this weekly photo challenge with 4 photos: 2 photos show Greek landscapes from Kefalonia and the other 2 show German landscapes at the Elbe river. Yesterday we have visited some friends who bought a house in a little village. Their property goes down to the Elbe river. The day was warm but very dizzy because there wasΒ  sand from the Sahara coming up to us. I fell in love with this wonderful very calm atmosphere and we decided to move to this place sooner or later, too.

The other photos were made in Kefalonia after a heavy thunderstorm. Normally the sky is very intense blue, but this day was a bit more “dramatic”. In Kefalonia I like the solitude in some places, too, where you only hear the wind, birds singing and the bells of goats and sheep from a distance. That’s so calming like some sort of meditation for me.


45 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Landscape

  1. I love the leading line of the wall up to the bit of blue, which echoes, and is balanced by, the blue “bulge” at the left. The green bits provide a nice grounding. A very pleasing photo! ;->

    Virtual hugs,


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  2. wonderful Mitza – I really can get swept into the photo of the hilltop with the lone scraggly tree on top!! love it. and the lake with its soothing and serene reflections, blissfull! those 2 were my favs! thank you for sharing these and the story along with them πŸ™‚

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    • Thank you so much, Peter. You know at least where the Elbe river flows and where LΓΌchow-Dannenberg is. That’s about the place we have been. It’s really far away from everything but has nice little villages and people that greet everybody. Have a nice day, regards Mitza

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  3. Great shots Mitza! Really wonderful atmosphere, both in Greece and in Germany. The images from the Elbe remind me of the Rhein river near the city of Wageningen. Lots of willows covered in water in the wintertime. The second image, you’ve hidden mountains in the mist! I think a bit of extra contrast will bring the background more alive, you might give it a try. It made me curious πŸ˜‰

    Warm wishes,

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  4. Solitude in nature, especially where there is water and, as you say in this post, the chance to listen to such soothing sounds as the wind, birds singing and the bells of goats and sheep from a distance, can’t help but lead to calming meditation. Love these photos, and especially your new header!

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