Handmade and old jewelry

This time I want to show you some new pieces of jewelry that I made in the last weeks and some that I made in the very beginning. When I started learning with my Latvian teacher I “wasted” a lot of fine gold. We melted a thin layer of fine gold on a Sterling silver undercoat without soldering it. You can still see the work marks on my elder pieces.

Some weeks ago I met a wonderful woman who wanted to have a piece of jewelry out of an old knife-handle from silver. It is a very beautiful art nouveau handle from Denmark made by a famous goldsmith named Evald Nielsen. No jeweler wanted to do this work and it would have cost a lot of money. But I did it and it worked out perfectly. She was extremely happy about it and wears it ever since. It looks like an extraordinary pendant, not like a knife handle and many people have asked her about this piece of jewelry, which makes me very proud. Then I showed her all my handmade jewelry and she fell in love with some pieces. As I do a lot of brooches and she only wears pendants I had to change 2 pieces to become pendants. And these pieces fit her perfectly. I got 3 old silver brooches from her in return which are from art nouveau time with floral design which I like a lot.

The pieces you see below have been made out of Sterling silver, partly coated with fine gold and the following semiprecious stones: labradorite, cyanite, moonstone, lapis lazuli, amethyst, onyx as well as coral, mammoth tooth, horn, beach glass, ebony, a black stone from the beach and old coins. And on top you can see the 3 beautiful old brooches I got.


67 thoughts on “Handmade and old jewelry

  1. great work Mitza! True work of art and though jewelry absolutely not my interest, there are actually two which i find amazing: the round one with the stone in the center and the six small knots to the side and the one with the twofold 5 pointed leaves.
    And how wonderful that you’ve made the lady happy! (Y) 😀

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    • Thank you, Thomas. For me it’s so normal to be multi-talented that I don’t make a big fuzz out of it. It’s really nice to hear that you bought a lot of jewelry for Marla. Maybe Tweetie could need a ring or a bracelet? hehe


  2. Wow, Mitza – these are sooo beautiful! you have been busy! 🙂
    I know you must sell them they are so lovely!
    …. so how do we find the prices on all the items, and the ways, how to buy them if possible?

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  3. Forgive me that all I can say after looking at the works of your amazing craftsmanship is they are very very beautiful. That remark is coming from a person who knows very little about jewelry. Thank you, Mitza! I will pass on your wonderful post to my wife, who loves fine jewelry.

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