Old doors – Kefalonia/ Greece XI

Here are some more old doors and windows from my island in the sun. You can still see the damages of the earthquake on some photos.


43 thoughts on “Old doors – Kefalonia/ Greece XI

  1. I wonder how it feels to have to live with the threat of earthquakes? We used to have tremors in Hong Kong, never more than feeling some rocking about. We have them in Australia, a damaging one about a hundred miles from Sydney some years ago but we don’t feel threatened here. I have to say I’ve been to San Francisco and didn’t even think about it.

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    • Thanks a lot, Thomas. Every time I see “American Pickers” I think of you. American antics are so different to ours. I wouldn’t really collect old oil tins, but sometimes they have a nice design.Hopefully you have a sunny day today like we have. Greets to Tweetie, Mitza


  2. I really enjoyed your sequel on the old doors. You did a fine job in putting these lovely photos together and publish them on your blog. I once commented on the symbolic meaning of the door. How about doing another post on windows. I don’t mean Microsoft Windows, of course! Haha!

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    • that’s a good joke, Peter. I sometimes make photos of windows but they are not always so elaborate like the doors. Thanks anyway for your kind words of approval. Hope you have such fantastic weather like we have, too (25 degrees and sunshine) Have a nice Pentecost, regards Mitza


  3. Doors are so symbolic, they touch something in us, and always wondering what is behind them, they could open to something beautiful, or interesting 🙂
    Like you I also love doors and gateways, a lovely collection Mitza, very nice to be sharing them with us.

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