The days of a tulip

Every day I’m going down to our garden with my camera and magnifier to search for something new amongst the flowers. This time I photographed some tulips for a period of about two weeks. It was really astounding how some of them developped during this time. I tried to “paint” with my camera, to get some wonderful colors and compositions for this post to please you. Going so close to the tulips reminded me a bit of Georgia O’Keeffe’s paintings, even though I cannot compare myself with her and it reminded me of a song called “tiptoe through the tulips” sung by Tiny Tim accompanied by his little ukulele. I plan to paint some of these photos one day, whenever this may be. Every day has only limited hours and I’m also busy with this blog and to create some handmade jewelry, which I will show in a further post.


51 thoughts on “The days of a tulip

    • Thanks a lot for your approval, Thomas. I saw this Tiny Tim on youtube some days ago and must say that he must have been some sort of “paradise bird” at that time.


  1. sensitive. deft. evocative. the mysteries within the flower – you communicate this brilliantly Mitza!!!!!! could not pick a single favourite this time…. impossible to choose. you did a magnificent job. much closer to O’keene! not tiny tim.

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    • Thank you so much, dear Debi. I sometimes think that I expose myself with these photos because – believe it or not – they show a lot about myself. Unfortunately one of the only things I cannot do is to sing, but I love music. :))) Cheers Mitza

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      • yes. and that is the true beauty of good and great art.
        the artist reveals the subject just as much as they reveal themselves.
        Cold Art – to try to hide, to stay tightly confined with walls up…. isn’t where we (you and I) want to truly be as artists. I am making a leap here when I say this I know!

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  2. They are exquisite Mitza, and you are right that they do remind one of Georgia O’Keeffe, I love her work too. I had missed out this post of yours and so glad that I found it as it’s an interesting work by you.
    By the way, I hope that you have not been affected by the bad weather in Germany.
    Kind regards from Agnes

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    • Dear Agnes, thanks a lot for looking into my blog. I’m happy that we have something more in common, the love for Georgia O’Keeffe (does that sound like Irish ancestors??) . The weather is rather strange here, it’s quite hot, but very humid, some sort of tropical weather. I guess, soon I could grow mangos in my garden, hehe. Fortunately we were not affected by the bad weather, it’s much more south close to Munich, about 800 km from here.
      Kind regards from Mitza

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      • I’m real glad you were not affected by the bad weather, though sorry for those that were. I wonder too about the O’Keeffe name, could easily be Irish, must look it up 🙂
        Kind regards to you too.

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    • thanks a lot, dear Fabio, for your good wishes. I wish I could say yes, but we have terribly cold and rainy weather since weeks. No summer so far. I’m longing for Greece. Thanks for commenting, regards Mitza

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      • Thanks so much, Mitza! I will inform you when I make updates. Shabbat Shalom! And I hope you will have a sunny and dry weekend. Take care, my friend! 🙂

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      • Thanks so much, Mitza! You are right – good weather today, but a bad social/civil weather. We don’t listen to the other, we hate the other, we don’t follow the Torah, or the Bible, or the Quran. Let’s do our part, whatever happens. Take care and enjoy the weekend! Shabbat Shalom! (PS: still working on your beautiful jewelry? 🙂

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      • What you write is completely true. With my half -German background I saw my grandparents who grew-up in the Nazi-time and due to the brainwashing had certain oppinions that I didn’t like at all. That’s why I decided to go to Israel for a year to work in a kibbuz and found such wonderful people and friends there, and of course I loved to see the old historic places there.
        I will start to work on my jewelry soon again. Thanks for all your good wishes and friendly words, Fabio. We can start with very little effort to make the world a bit more peaceful. Have a wonderful day, regards Mitza


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