Some days ago the very talented translator of Rilke’s poems James Burnham sent me some wonderful examples of his work regarding flowers. I really want to thank him for this generous gesture and took one of these poems as an inspiration for a new post. All these roses are from our garden.


How it stands out against the darkening

of a rainy evening, young and pure,

its lifeless tendrils given in sacrifice

and yet, still intent on being a rose;


the shallow flowers, some already open,

each unintended, each untended.

Thus, endlessly surpassing itself,

wordlessly self-inspired,


it calls to the wanderer passing by

along the road in evening reflection:

Oh look at me standing here so secure

and unprotected, having what I need.

Poem by Rainer Maria Rilke, translated by James Burnham




30 thoughts on “Roses

    • Thanks a lot, Peter. Rilke’s poems are so beautiful and moving. I’m happy I found a good translation. I tried it but it’s too difficult. Have a good time, Peter, regards from rainy and cold Hamburg (I forgot how the sun is looking) Mitza

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  1. great poem! and WOW!! all those spectacular roses you took, they are gorgeous Mitza…. every one is so lovely 🙂 the rain there, has given you one good thing… great subjects. Well Done, very enjoyable to look at! cheers, Debi

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    • if, I had to pick a fav… image 3112 I think. but, gosh, its a hard call!
      ps sorry if i’ve missed some of your comments Mitza (I haven’t been too well, & just been told I have pneumonia) Its mild though.

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      • Well, there is no accounting for taste. I would rather pick 3179. I think that’s a perfect photo. Don’t worry about comments when you have pneumonia. I would recommend that you take care of yourself and make a little break. Get well soon, dear virtual Debi, from virtual Hamburg Mitza

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    • Thank you so much, dear Debi. I love roses a lot, they have some sort of queenlike character. The rain has made one of the photos very beautiful. That’s my favorite photo. Today a little more sun, slowly, slowly might become summer here, cheers Mitza

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    • My photos are also from May and June, Thomas. By the permanent rain here, the roses and everything in our garden except the hydrangea have suffered a lot. The strawberries are all rotten and all berries don’t taste like anything. Thanks for commenting, have a nice day, regards Mitza


  2. I’m not sure that roses are my favorite flower because there are so many beautiful ones, but they are always fascinating to me because of their intricate layers and tenacity to grow. They are like weeds here! One wonders – how did those four of mine decide to get together at the base of their tree?

    Virtual hugs,


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    • Roses also grow in Greece in bad soil, no water, lots of sun etc. They didn’t like the weather here in the last weeks, because it was heavily raining nearly every day and quite cold. We are hoping for the best. 🙂

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