Weekly Photo Challenge: Look-up

Whenever I’m strolling around in Hamburg I see so many old houses with a lot of wonderful details in higher levels and at the housetops. It gives me so much pleasure to look-up at these architectonical niceties and to photograph them. Design is my favorite topic and the wonder is that it’s endless. The houses you see are from art nouveau (1890-1910) or art deco time (1920-1940) where they used a lot of floral designs, putties, warriors, women’s faces, animals etc. All my photos are from the center of Hamburg and display details from an underground station, a spa, the former main post-office, an old warehouse in the harbor, a pharmacy and normal old houses.



37 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Look-up

  1. Very ornate with intricate details! 🙂 There is nothing like that around where we live. Around here, these days, they often just slap things together and go.

    (In my last blog posting, another blogger accused me of “being cranky” with you. In no way was i trying to be “cranky” or trying to be impolite with you, Mitza, whatsoever. I admire you and you are one of my favorites online …because you just don’t follow the crowds blindly, as so many do). I was merely suggesting — as i often do with many people — to go beyond my words… and beyond anyone else’s words or ideas.) That woman went on and on, accusing me of being angry (while concocting all kinds of suppositions an conjectures about what my problem is), while, all the while i was not angry with her at all. Very weird, unfortunately.

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    • Hi Thomas, thanks for liking my post. Regarding your posting I can say that I didn’t feel you were cranky with me or even impolite. And if I thought so, I would say it myself and not follow you anymore. You’re very intelligent and share your wisdom with the world. Of course sentences like “one should or shouldn’t etc.” might sound a little overly didactic but you have been some sort of teacher and teachers always want to lecture maybe. But I don’t see that very negative. I can look at your proposals and if they suit me I can follow them and if they don’t, I do what I think is best for me. There are unfortunately some weird people in the internet. And thanks for being one of your favorites. Regards Mitza

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      • Thank you, Mitza… much appreciated! 🙂 Sometimes i try a little bit too hard to get people to go deeper (beyone even what i am saying) and it might seem a bit too pushy or zealous… but i am only doing it out of affection (and looking at the possibility of a beautiful blossoming and radical, fundamental change in their minds apart from all mundane influence). I do very much respect you, your postings, and your comments, and i wasn’t at all exaggerating about being very appreciative about you!

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      • Thanks a lot for your kind words, Thomas. It would be good if you could reach your fellow-Americans with your good thoughts and intentions. Strangely enough we here in Northern Europe seem to be caring a bit more about our environment and I do as much as I can. I can only return your feelings. There’s so much superficiality and stupidity in this world. That’s why I enjoy your posts. Regards Mitza


    • Thanks a lot for your kind words, Claudia. The world is full of beauty and I’m always looking for it and I love to do it and further I’m happy that I can share it with some nice people like you. Have a nice day, regards Mitza

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  2. Looking up can certainly be really interesting! You just see things that most people don’t notice! 🙂 These details on the buildings for example are really lovely but i doubt that many people notice them! 🙂 Maybe with your photos they will be inspired to do so 😉

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    • Thank you very much for you nice words, Alex. I’m pretty sure that 99 % of the people wouldn’t recognize the details, even though they pass them daily. My eyes are always searching for beauty and that makes me very happy to find and share it with nice people like you. Have a nice day, kind regards Mitza

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    • Thank you so much, dear Fabio for your always kind words to my blogposts. Hamburg is so beautiful, full of history with a wonderful harbor but the only thing missing is good weather. I’m sure you got sun every day. I have forgotten how it looks, sigh. Shabbat Shalom, kind regards Mitza

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  3. wow!!! these are all so very ornate, intricate and detailed!
    must have took ages to do! and looking up….. we so often, forget don’t we?
    But not YOU!!! well done and thank you for sharing Mitza. No, I hadn’t seen this post earlier, as it was when I was getting so ill with that nasty pneumonia. I actually didn’t even get out of my house for 14 days. So thats, probably why I’d missed this post!!! If, I miss any posts its usually cuz I’m ill, or Away! thats about it. hehehe (it is Not Omar!) LOL

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    • thanks for looking at this post. I’m sometimes a bit sad when people don’t look into my blog. But you were sick and thinking of Omar – that’s an excuse, lol


  4. Dear Mitza, I am finally catching up with you again, and what a lovely blog entry you have here again, I just love to look up and see details in buildings or indeed in nature. A lovely photo series which I truly enjoyed. I hope that you are keeping very well.
    Kind regards, Agnes

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