Weekly Photo Challenge: Details

You might know that I’m very fond of details and I always see a lot of them wherever I go. Here are some photos from our excursions in Kefalonia. Sometimes I find weird things like the colorful carnival characters in the harbor of Lixouri, the advertising character for a butcherโ€™s shop with a chopped arm (thatโ€™s maybe Greek black humor), a thick rope at the pier, some crooked branches and an old door on a porch, two half rotten chairs, some freshly caught fish, a very old fountain with a fantastic view over the sea, a starfish with nice colors, an old church bell, a petrified shell I found at the beach, a lion that guards the entrance of a house, as well as a lifesize Playmobil pirate. Well, this is a collection of many extraordinary things and details.


44 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Details

  1. As you know I appreciate a lot your focus on details : beautiful series indeed, Mitza. I personally am particularly tuned with the blue chair and stool, which for mysterious reasons communicates something special to me…Cheers, Riccardo

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    • Thank you, Thomas for liking my post. I have collected a lot of petrified shells in Kefalonia, negative and positive ones. A real wonder if you find these things 2 km inside and in 200 m height. Thanks for Tweeties regards, please return them with a little kiss. Regards Mitza


    • Thank you very much for your kind words, Peter. I’m happy when people like my posts. I have no idea about Flickr, will ask my son to explain it to me. Thanks for your greetings, which I would like to return, regards Mitza

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  2. Dear Mitza, Sorry to hear about the rampage in Munich. Stay safe but keep enjoying life – I have my fingers crossed for a sunny weekend in Hamburg. Shabbat Shalom, my dear friend! ๐Ÿ™‚

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    • Thank you, dear Fabio. We were a bit shocked, that’s true, because things like this don’t happen every day but the impacts are coming closer. We don’t know all details yet. We are 800 km far away from Munich. Thanks a lot for crossing your fingers for me and a sunny weekend. It worked! We have a wonderful weather, thanks and Shabbat Shalom to you, too, kind regards Mitza


    • I forget to write something, dear Fabio. I found a very interesting book which might interest you, too: it’s called ” Miracle at Zakynthos: The Only Greek Jewish Community Saved in its Entirety from Annihilation” by Deno Seder. A very moving story of a Greek community and their pope that helped their jewiwh fellow men to survive during WWII. Zakynthos is the island close to Kefalonia, by the way. Regards Mitza

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      • Dear Mitza, Thanks so much for the referral! I am ordering the Kindle version of the book and I will start reading it over the weekend. Thanks so much, dear friend!!! All the best! X ๐Ÿ™‚

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      • I’m looking forward to your opinion about this book, dear Fabio. I would like to propose one more book to you from a Greek author which deals about the jews in Thessaloniki (the biggest jewish community in Greece in the 30ies). It’s a very beautiful love-story, and I found out that it exists in English, too. It’s called GIOCONDA by Nikos Kokantzis. Have a nice day, regards Mitza

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  3. Lovely memories of your Greek holiday! I always think that it’s the little details like these in your photos that make for lovely photos and memories, so glad you have so much pleasure from those. These shots are like poems, they convey much more that a whole page of words about a certain place. Wonderful!

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    • That’s really nice to hear, dear Agnes. I’m always very happy when I see that people understand my aims and feel the special atmosphere that you find on this island. Maybe because you know Malta it feels a little bit similar to be at the Mediterranean, dear Agnes. Have a lovely day, kind regards Mitza

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