Old doors from Northern Germany

This time I want to show you some old North German doors. Fortunately not too many old houses and doors have been destroyed in WWII in Hamburg as mostly the workers’ quarters had been bombarded. Good for me, so I can still photograph a lot of wonderful doors. Some of these doors are from rather wealthy districts in the centre of Hamburg, one is from a Tibetan restaurant, and the other ones are from little towns or villages east of Hamburg, one is from a little church. Most of the doors are art nouveau (1890-1910), some are even older (1815-1848).


38 thoughts on “Old doors from Northern Germany

  1. Lovely doors! I like the windows, too. I’ve been noticing house windows on my walk and noticed that I really like ones that are set in or have some kind of a ledge on the top or bottom, or sides, or shutters…something other than just the windows that are effaced with the outside walls.

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    • Thanks for your approval. I love ledges a lot and special windows, too. In former times, these things have been made by hand and were much more individualistic. I love old things. Have a nice day, regards Mitza

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    • that’s true, Peter. Thank you for liking my doors and your always kind comments. We are suffering from a very cold and rainy summer. It rains daily! I’m looking forward to Greece. Blue sky every day and warm sun. Can’t wait.
      Hope you have a good time with your family, kind regards Mitza

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    • Yes, that’s true, James, the face of a house are doors and windows. I’m happy you liked my post. I’m sure you have some beautiful old doors around where you live. Have a nice day, regards Mitza


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