Excursion to Ahrensburg

Excursion to Ahrensburg

Not far from us is a little town called Ahrensburg which has a very beautiful castle. The ending –burg is always a hint because it means castle in German. I made some photos for you from the park, the guardian lions at the entrance,  the watermill, the royal stables, the adjoining church and the little houses belonging to the servants in former times, too. Here are some details about the castle:

“The town Ahrensburg dates back to the 13th Century, when the Counts of Schauenburg founded the village of Woldenhorn.

After the dissolution of the monasteries due to the Reformation, the whole area came into the possession of the king of Denmark. He rewarded his general Daniel Rantzau 1567 with lordship over these villages. His brother and heir Peter Rantzau built a Renaissance residence in the form of a water castle, now the symbol of the town, and the castle church around 1595. The construction of almshouses directly by the church was exemplary.

The former fortification that defended the Renaissance structure belonged to several lines of the ancient nobility family called Rantzau of Holstein. After a time of economic demise the castle was entered into the possession of a family called Schimmelmann, which had been ennobled  in the 18th century. They reshaped the manor house into an extravagant country residence. The Schimmelmann family stayed in Ahrensburg for several generations. In 1932 they sold the castle. Today it is a museum showing the lifestyle of the Holstein culture of nobility and exhibits a lot of very old furniture, pictures, masonry heaters etc.

The castle is one of the major works of the Renaissance architecture in Schleswig-Holstein. It is one of the most famous sights worth seeing and is accessible for the public. The castle is surrounded by a lovely English park and a moat. A church and the housings for the servants can be seen close to the castle. “ (Wikipedia)


28 thoughts on “Excursion to Ahrensburg

  1. I guess that shuttered window with the tree growing over it has been closed for quite some time! That is my favorite picture here. Many runner-ups, though, because they are all really delightful.

    Virtual hugs,



  2. Great shots and very interesting, informative stuff, Mitza! 🙂
    The only “castle” we have in our area is the (small) White Castle hamburger building… where they sell little meat hamburgers. (It’s a white building, shaped like a castle.) Being a vegetarian, i don’t visit that castle! By the way, burg, in hamburger, means castle in German. That is maybe why the food outlet selling hamburgers is called White Castle. 🙂


  3. Thank you for the tour, Mitza. I’m glad to know that the property has been put to good use and open to the public. You took some good photos that offer different perspectives. This country is so young that all our buildings are relatively new, or just pretend to be old 🙂

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  4. Hello, Mitza! It seems I am always a bit late with my comment. But as the saying goes ‘better late than never’. I am very much impressed how much I learn through your posts about the country that I left more than 50 years ago. Your lovely photo essay on Ahrensburg, which until now was totally unknown to me, was another great example how an good blog should be written. Greetings from the western part of Canada!

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    • Hello Peter, I’m happy to hear that. I thought that you would know this little town, but now you learned a bit more by my post. By the way, I just came back from Ahrensburg. I go there quite often as it is quite close to where we live (about 20minutes by car). I hope you are fine and enjoy life. Have a nice day, regards Mitza

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  5. Maybe someone mentioned this already – but I thought schloss was the word for castle, then I looked it up and saw that burg also means castle. I loved Germany when I was thee about 25 years ago 🙂

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