Weekly Photo Challenge: Shine

Usually the sun is shining in Greece and everything looks colorful and bright. When the sun goes down, itโ€™s otherwhiles turning everything into fluent red-gold or into a dove colored velvet. I have photographed the sun at different times of the day and in different weather. I was occasionally overwhelmed by the beauty of the shining sun, when a bundle of sunbeams was falling into the sea behind an old lighthouse, when the sun was sending a last warmish goodbye on grey mountains or made huge butterflies tumble along in a forlorn love-dance in the hot midday sun. The shining of the sun makes the world beautiful and vivid. All these photos are from Kefalonia/ Greece.


43 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Shine

  1. Your post on your beloved Greek island reads like a poem, Mitza. I especially love the expression “the bundles of sunbeams” describing your last image. Oh, how I ‘d wish the sun would be providing only half the warmth and light for our dreary landscape here in Canada. October has been the rainiest month in the last 30 years.

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    • Yes, Peter, that’s exactly what I’m longing for: sun and warmth. Our October was quite okay, but November is the worst month in Hamburg. Hope you get a little sun at this weekend, kind regards from Hamburg, Mitza

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      • Thank you for your kind reply! November is also a bad month here in BC. But October has been a real disappointment. Normally, we can enjoy what they call an Indian summer, where the nights are crisp and the days are sunny. Have a great Sunday!

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    • Thank you for commenting, Mary. I think the world has a lot of beautiful places, you just have to see it. I’m happy that I inspired you to paint. Hope you post your paintings sooner or later, regards Mitza


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