Flowers in macro – dew drops

Dew drops like lustrous tears of a putto

Like delicate diamond necklaces of a fairy

Like my tears on a last rose for the summer that is withering

I’m perishing every autumn like the flowers in my garden

The white veil is making everything so heavy



47 thoughts on “Flowers in macro – dew drops

    • Thank you, Thomas. Just try it out. I hope you liked my poem as well, as you always claim that people are only looking at your photos. I’m a bit shocked about your election. Regards Mitza


    • Thanks a lot for your wonderful sensitive words, Peter. I’m very happy to hear that. By the way, my second first name is Thalia, the Greek muse of poetry. Nomen est omen, hehe. Have a nice day, regards from very cold and snowy Hamburg, Mitza

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      • Nun da habt ihr den erten Schnee. Heute kam nach langer Zeit die Sonne ganz voll raus und wärmte noch ganz kräftig. Nun weiß ich, wo du deine poetiche Ader herhast, liebe Thalia! Grüße aus Fauquier, wo es dieses Jahr die längste frostfreie Zeit war und noch immer ist!

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