Old houses, doors and details from houses

In the last time I started doing some nostalgic walks through my home-town Hamburg. I know I have to leave my beloved Hamburg sooner or later where I spent all my life. It always draws me back to the wonderful prosperous district where I was born.

This town has so much beauty: it’s so green: we have so many gorgeous parks, also in the center around two huge lakes which you can pass with some old steamboats, and we have a fantastic huge harbor, a lot of history, beautiful old buildings. Hamburg is very British. Hamburg has more bridges than Amsterdam and Venice together. And not to forget the people: they are not very talkative but when they say something they mean it.

I have found a lot of beautiful old houses, doors and details from houses when I took a walk there that I want to show you here.



34 thoughts on “Old houses, doors and details from houses

  1. Dear Mitza, once more I am impressed with the quality of your photos.There is always something that i learn when i am visiting your blog. I was surprised to read that there are more bridges in Hamburg than in Venice and Amsterdam combined. Bridging distances and learning from each other, this is what good blogging is all about, I am so glad I have you for a blogging friend. Have a great weekend!

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    • Dear Peter, I’m very glad to hear that you like my blog because you appreciate my photos and the informations I give. I can only return your compliments that I’ m happy to have you as a blogger-companion, have a nice weekend, too, regards Mitza

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  2. Great work Mitza! To me it sounds like a great idea to combine all these lovely shots into a photo book! Together they really form a gallery of their own. Would be great to see Greek door knots combined with a steady Hamburger door πŸ™‚

    Wish you a lovely weekend!

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