Details from old Houses – Hamburg/Germany

This time I want to show you humanoid details from some old houses in the center of Hamburg, be it human faces, a Medusa, putti, St. George, the saint for a special district close to the main station, the Greek deity Atlas that carries a balcony on his shoulder or naked women that are always very decorative and sort of innocent or the guild symbol for a pharmacy.  Hope you enjoy this walk with me during a very cold but sunny day.


17 thoughts on “Details from old Houses – Hamburg/Germany

    • Thank you so much, James. I’m glad to hear from you. Some days ago I found a nice collection of 6 books with Rilke’s poems for 8 Euros. I hope to have time to read all this soon. Have a nice day, regards Mitza


  1. Your post clearly shows another aspect of the cultural differences between the New World and the so-called Old country. You would never find such concentration of decorative details even among the oldest houses in Vancouver or any other city in North America. Another enjoyable post with outstanding photography, Mitza!

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    • I’m very glad about your kind words of approval, dear Peter. I have a good eye for details and would probably find some in Canada or America, too, but surely we have an older and different culture here. Have a nice day, regards Mitza

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