Excursion to the River Elbe

Some days ago we made an excursion to the Elbe, about 150 km upstream from Hamburg in direction southeast. We had to drive nearly two hours to get there. The first hour was quite easy to drive on our good German freeway (autobahn). But then we had to use very small country roads that lead through some small villages and a lot of thick forests. It was really beautiful to see these thick forests. At some points – very remote – we even saw some signs at trees “beware of wild wolves”. I wouldn’t have been astonished to see Little Red Riding Hood there. Some days ago I found out that these wild wolves had killed at least 15 sheep from a shepherd.

We saw a lot of Canada geese on a meadow, as well as great white egrets and even a beaver at a little creek.

We finally reached our destination, a little village, where friends of ours had bought a house. They invited me to exhibit my handmade jewelry there in a so called cabin hotel. It was terribly cold on this day and I was freezing a lot.

After some hours with lots of people around me I took a little break and went down to the Elbe. I only had to go down about 10 meters. It was shortly before sunset. The sun had turned the other riverside already into gold and the more the sun went down, the gold turned into red-gold. It was very cold and wafts of mist were hanging at the river bank like the veil of a witch. I was completely alone; from far away I heard the some people talk and laugh. The Elbe was completely calm, not the slightest ripple on the water. Far away some great crested grebes were diving silently into the water. It really looked like a mirror. Everything, the clouds, the wonderful dove blue sky, the skeletal trees on the other side, some houses, everything was found again in the water as a wonderful reflection. Far away some cormorants were looking like black spots in the sky. The mystical songs of seven whooping swans that flew majestically over my head made the whole scenery really overwhelming. I even forgot to photograph them. These were the minutes I enjoyed most of all this day and they really became branded on my mind. I hope that you can feel a little of what I felt when you look at my photos.


66 thoughts on “Excursion to the River Elbe

  1. Wonderful photos Mitza, and beautiful writing too, I could feel myself there as well experiencing all the beauty! And imagine wolves! I was quite surprised at that. Thank you for sharing your lovely experience. I have missed your blog entries lately. Kind regards, Agnes

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    • Thank you, dear Agnes for your kind words, as usual. I don’t know why, but I always feel very good at rivers, lakes or the Mediterranean Sea. Then I can relax and enjoy the silence and nature. We are looking for a house there.
      How are you? Hope you enjoy yourself. Have a nice advent time, kind regards Mitza

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      • That should be lovely for you to find a house where you feel so good, I wish you well with it Mitzi. I’m fine and so much enjoying Gozo here and yes soon it will be Christmas, a little different here but really nice.

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  2. Lovely post Mitza.. thoroughly enjoyed it! Really great images.. to me one of your best posts, as i love water and the river landscape with its curves and bends 🙂
    and yes.. i can taste a little of the deep silence you’ve experienced there 😀

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  3. I looks like you were finally getting some nice weather.At this time of the year it is rare to get the clear skies in northern Germany. Your pictures express the mood of the Elbe landscape very well. I especially liked the photo with the fog patch above the ground indicating a considerable chill in the early winter air.. Well done, Mitza! Have a very Merry Christmas Time!

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    • Thanks a lot for your like, dear Peter. Northern Germany doesn’t really have the best weather in the world, bust even mist can be very mystical and calming. Have a. Ice Christmas time, too, regards Mitza


    • Thank you so much for your kind words of approval. It certainly takes some efforts to translate difficult words but I love English and love to learn languages. Have a nice day, regards Mitza


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