Excursion to Wittstock

About a month ago we went from Hamburg to Berlin by car. It’s about 300 km, and so we decided to make a break in a little town called Wittstock which was GDR before 1989.

I actually haven’t been much around in Eastern Germany and so this was quite exciting to see. Wittstock is a small town with about 15.000 inhabitants. It is one of the eldest towns in Brandenburg and was mentioned first in 946. The town was called Wittstock after a castle that doesn’t exist anymore.

The architecture of the old buildings was very interesting and reminded me of Lueneburg. The houses and churches were mostly made out of red bricks or had timber frameworks. You can still see the old city wall with towers for entry,ย  the townhall, the water tower for steam engines, old houses which are decaying and rather desolate with nice old doors. Hope you enjoy a little visit in another part of Germany as I show usually.




33 thoughts on “Excursion to Wittstock

  1. It seems to me that Wittstock needs to do something to revitalize the town. Yet, in spite of some of the buildings in need of repair, your observant eyes did not miss the beautiful doors. Thanks for those beautiful photos, Mitza!

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  2. Your pictures are lovely. With the exception of the bicycles, the delightful tree-skirt and a snowflake high on a building, it looks very stark and empty in Wittstock. Were there no people or did you choose not to include any?

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    • Thanks for commenting and your approval. There were only few people in some parts of this town and generally I prefer to photograph without people. You are the only one that remarked it, by the way:) regards Mitza

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