Excursion to Berlin

Excursion to Berlin

In Middle of December I visited Berlin for some days. It was shortly before Christmas and shops and streets were decorated festively. Berlin is a very big, noisy, hectic and crude city (3,5 million inhabitants) but in some back courtyards a bit of the Christmas atmosphere could be found in little extraordinary shops. Of course, Berlin has a lot of nice old houses, doors, old quarters, old shops, graveyards and museums etc. which are really beautiful and interesting.  You can see an old bookshop with wonderful wooden fittings in one of my photos.

Maybe you heard about the ambush that happened around middle of December in Berlin. I have been exactly at this place two days before it happened. I was really flabbergasted when I realized that I could have been killed, too.

I also visited the famous Jewish cemetery which is the biggest in all Europe. It was really very worthwhile to see a very different funeral culture. I found a very extraordinary grave with lots of gilded roses out of iron.

Berlin has a lot of little restaurants, coffee shops , pastry shops etc. and they are usually quite cheap, cheaper than in Hamburg, where I live.  I enjoyed some Indian, Greek, Italian and German food. After so many days of walking around in this big city I was happy to leave for my hometown Hamburg.



43 thoughts on “Excursion to Berlin

  1. Hi Mitza. That’s a lovely visit to Berlin. I haven’t been there yet but it’s a matter of time. I always like to explore the the small streets of a city and your shots on the cemetery is really beautiful ❤ The gilded roses are fantastic!!

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  2. Dear Mitza, I like the way you remain true to your style and taste when you are taking pictures. You lend the places, whether they are your home town Hamburg, your sunny Greek island, or in this case Berlin, a new perspective. For me it was nice to see Berlin through your eyes again. So much has changed some for the better, some for the worse. Warm greetings from sunny Fauquier, BC, Canada!

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    • Thank you for your kind words, Peter. I like to take others with me and to show them evrything through my eyes, specially details. We have very stormy and rainy weather here, regards Mitza


  3. Kommt man in Berlin seinen dringenden Bedürfnissen noch in diesen grünen Häuschen nach? 😉 Tolle Bilder wieder einmal, die machen richtig Lust auf Berlin. Ich hoffe, Du hast Dich von dem nachträglichen Schrecken inzwischen erholt. Liebe Grüße, Jule

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  4. So many doors, windows, buildings, and cemeteries to photograph! Having lived in a “small” town for the past twenty years, I would hate to go back to big city life, if only for the congestion. Is there countryside within a reasonable distance? That’s what I missed when living in the San Francisco Bay Area – it was wall-to-wall city for hundreds of miles in any direction.

    Virtual hugs,


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    • Thanks for your comment, Judie. Yes, I totally agree with you. I could never live in Berlin, it’s too big. But there are parts where the rich ones live, where you have woods and lakes. I was happy to return to Hamburg. We live close to some woods here, very calm, that’s perfect for a city. Virtual hugs Mitza

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  5. Lovely post dear Mitza, I really enjoyed reading your descriptions of Berlin, and then your beautiful photos, showing so many lovely corners of this city, wonderful and so much enjoyed. Wishing you a lovely weekend. I clicked to receive your new blog posts notifications by email as I don’t want to miss any 🙂

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    • Thanks a lot, dear Agnes, for your approval. I would be very happy if you would look into my blog. I hope you’re fine. Still in Malta? I hope that spring will come soon. I’m really fed-up with the cold here, regards Mitza

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      • Yes I hope spring arrives soon to in Germany. We are still in Gozo, for another while. Yes I like to follow your blog in a better way, hence I clicked the possibility to get notified by email because sometimes I might miss your posts when I do not come online regularly, which I do now but perhaps not always. Take care.

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      • Thanks for your reply. In the next days my son will move to Vienna to make his phd and I’m very sad. Istarted to draw and paint again in order to get distracted. Will post it soon, regards Mitza

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  6. I was in Berlin for a stopover years ago but only had time to visit a museum and ate a couple of meals (white asparagus, yum). Thanks for showing us so much more – I hope to make it back there if ever I get the chance. Mx

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  7. Mitza, as always I like to see your photos. 🙂 Also, in the US a president can’t do much unless our congress funds what he wants and it has stopped other president’s wishes. Our current congress and the next election in two years are very important.

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