Old windows – Kefalonia/Greece

It’s a long time ago that I posted something from Kefalonia, Greece. That’s why I looked-up all my photos today. I still got so many old doors but today you will see some old windows. Windows are like the eyes of a house. They tell stories, too.

I love these pastel colors of decay, the little melancholic mood they transfer. I still remember these wonderful and calm golden hours when I went for walks in the evening. The sun was still shining, but was on its way to say goodbye to this side of the world. The golden sunrays were covering the whole island with a soft cape of farewell, still so mellow and warm like the Mediterranean sun is. All colors are changing, looking more blurred and there is tranquility all over as if the day is tired. This special spirit is so overwhelming for me that I nearly feel like crying. I want to stop the sun from disappearing behind the mountains; I want it to stay forever and ever and not to leave me there in darkness. It’s the death of a day.


47 thoughts on “Old windows – Kefalonia/Greece

  1. I can see how these images stir up precious memories with that melancholic and poetic feel to it, I love your use of language, dear Mitza. The images accentuate your feelings. After all, the windows have a deep spiritual meaning. The eyes are the windows to the soul.

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    • Thank you so much, dear Peter. I love to use the English language in a poetic way and always hope that I don’t do too many faults. I must make honor to my second name Thalia, the muse of poetry. Have a. Ice day, regards, Mitza


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