Old doors from Eastern Germany

In the last months we made several trips to the Eastern part of Germany, down at the Elbe River, because we want to buy a house there. Some parts of this area have been the GDR for many years and it seems that they fell into oblivion. There are nearly no people on the streets, only a few shops, no life, nearly deserted and slowly decaying. You could get the impression that they tip up the footpath at 20.00h – as we say here.

On the other hand, due to the fact, that they didn’t renovate the old houses – partly even with timber framework, you can still find a lot of wonderful very old doors, even from the time 1815 – 1850. Unfortunately many of them were half-rotten, which is a real pity. But some had been fixed and painted and were beautiful again. Hope you enjoy my photos.


41 thoughts on “Old doors from Eastern Germany

  1. You discovered quite a few beauties among the doors, many of which appear to be quite old, When purchasing an old house, one can expect a bargain, If it looks a bit run-down. When you find one of solid construction with just ugly blemishes that can be easily removed, then you found a veritable treasure. In Canada we call such houses fixer-uppers. Good luck with your house hunt, dear Mitza!

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    • Thanks a lot for your kind words, dear Peter. I think you can only buy fixer-uppers when you’re a bit younger than we are. In this area the houses are still quite cheap because nobody wants to live there, probably. I hope I can stand it, because Hamburg is the most beautiful town in the world to me. Have a nice day, kind regards Mitza

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      • As far as beautiful cities go, I love Vancouver and believe it is one of most beautiful cities on the West Coast. My wife and I travel there at least once a year, BUT we would not want to live there. It is too hectic for our taste. We love the peace and the solitude of nature all around, where we live. Perhaps you are looking for something similar. Good luck, dear Mitza!

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      • I have been in Vancouver, too and really enjoyed it. I’m more a city person than a village person. Thanks a lot for your good wishes, dear Peter, kind regards Mitza

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    • I don’t know if you know these little towns: Schnackenburg, Dömitz and Lüchow-Dannenberg, Sue? The area is called Wendland and is known for it’s anti-atom protests, regards Mitza


  2. I really enjoyed your lovely photos of these historic doors, I’m not sure what draws many of us to old and sometimes decaying doors and windows, but they have the same attraction for me, is it the fading colours or the contrasts, for sure they are a form of art.
    Much loved as always dear Mitza, thank you for sharing them. And I would like to join the other friends in wishing you will be led to what the house that your heart desires.

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  3. Dear Mitza, I hope you will find a home behind a beautiful door that will capture your heart. You have made a wonderful documentary of these door and windows.

    It’s never easy to leave home; I still yearn for mine after 50 years in Australia. I understand your reluctance to settle elsewhere. However, you are a creative person and I know you can make the most of what you’ll find, wherever you are.

    Somehow I missed this post until now. Sorry for the late response. Mx

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    • Dear Mary, you really moved me. I’m very thankful for your thoughtful and heartfelt words to give me courage for a new beginning. It’s something else living at the edge of a city and being able to go shopping even with a bike than to live in a village with 50 inhabitants and always driving 10 km for shopping. The only good thing is, that I will get a nice room for working in all my artistic abilities.
      Thanks again, dear Mary, you are really very nice, kind regards Mitza

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  4. I can see that you will concentrate more on your artwork once the distraction of a city is no longer tempting you. There are two sides to every coin and there’s a silver lining to every cloud. Happy hunting for a new home. Take care, Mx

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