A time of magic

A time of magic

Reluctantly night is thrusting the black velvety curtain aside –

angels are collecting billions of twinkling stars in their aprons.

The first sunbeams are falling silently on the ground,

falling on wet moss,

falling on glittering dew drops, enlightening the world with hope.

A green lizard is looking into the sky with beady little eyes

whilst a young nightingale tries its first love song.

Fairies are blending colors on their palettes, splashing

a little white and magenta on tulips,

a little yellow and salmon on narcissuses

and blue on forget-me-nots.

A black beetle with long antennas got drunk with bliss in a pink blossom,

his legs and antennas covered with yellow pollen

that he would generously pass- on to other blooms

There’s a certain magic in the air –

everything is renewed, fresh and beautiful, virgin like, angel like, enchanted

Spring – a time of magic


39 thoughts on “A time of magic

  1. This poem of magic and hope with sparkling details is sheer delight for anyone feeling connected to nature. No author is given, so were you the poet of this amazing poem? Your photos underscore all the mental images created by these lines. Thank you very much, Mitza!

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    • Reading your lovely comments, dear Peter, makes me always happy. The muse has kissed me last night and as I told you, my second first name is Thalia, so I had to do a poem for spring. I’m very glad you liked it. Have a sunny day, regards Mitza

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  2. Thou awaken me from the deep
    Has not winter crushed thy will?
    Yet thy mysterious words
    Resonate with the cold dark frost

    Thou words warm my heart
    Melt me from the icy world
    Thou finally released me
    Of the long king winter’s sleep

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