Old doors and windows – Kefalonia/Greece

I refuse to choose and
so the doors that lie before me
remain forever unopened

some sit ajar…just a bit
a crack to let light in
brightening the shadows of “what if”…just a bit
immobile, however,
the hinges grow stiff in their waiting

possibility remains trapped,
paralyzed behind the door
I refuse to let swing wide
saying to myself,
“what if it’s the wrong door?”

-Kayce Hughlett at Lucy Creates


50 thoughts on “Old doors and windows – Kefalonia/Greece

    • Dear Peter, this sounds a bit like wisdom of age. Maybe that’s normal, that you open a lot of doors when you’re young, because you are brave and not afraid of what’s inside. But of course sometimes opening doors can be a disappointment, too and learning by this we don’t open doors so easily when we get older. But I hope that you will open some more nice doors in future. I’m also just thinking about closing one door and opening another, but I’m a little afraid yet. Maybe that’s why old doors are so fascinating for me. Have a sunny day, kind regards Mitza

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    • Thomas, you really sensed the “expression” of this old wooden window. I really like your words for it and completely agree. It was a very plain, simple and cheap window for a little farm house. Have a nice day, regards Mitza

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  1. Bin immer wieder erstaunt über die Vielfalt und Farbkombinationen. Einfach toll! Suche selbst auch gerade nach der passenden Tür, die sich öffnet. Liebe Grüße und schönes Wochenende, Jule 🙂

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