Kefalonia – Greece

I don’t know where summer is? At least not in Hamburg. It’s cold and rains a lot. That’s the moment when I start to think about Kefalonia – Greece. Summer is really summer there. It’s hot, sometimes maybe too hot even. I live between these two extremes, either too hot or too cold and rainy. But still I miss my island in the sun, look at my photos and refeel all the emotions I had when I was there. I love this endless blue sky. How often have I looked into the sky there and thought: where does this blue end? There must be an end somewhere, but there wasn’t.  Sometimes we had heavy tempests, so much that I thought the world would go down. And the next day: the sky was blue, endlessly blue, the sun was shining, it was warm and very agreeable. Especially in the late afternoons the island is turned into fluid gold, the air is like a velvety cape that somebody who loves you puts carefully around your shoulders. I still feel it and the memory feels so good. Wish I was there….


27 thoughts on “Kefalonia – Greece

  1. Thank you for taking us to Kefalonia – we too have endless blue skies at times and now I know how lucky we are to have it, Even our coldest winter days are mild and sunny. You expressed your longing so well. Take care, Mitza.

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    • Thank you, Thomas. For me this island is a magical place. It looks quite poor sometimes but the richness is in the hearts of the gentle and hospitable people.
      You are completely right about the president and Putin, too. As you wrote “what a joke of a president” I must write a joke to you. You can delete this comment, if you want:
      Three distinguished surgeons meet and talk about their last cases. One says: I had a guy who lost all his fingers by a saw. I sewed them on again and he’s now a famous piano player.
      The second one says: Oh, that’s nothing. I had a man who lost both his arms and legs and is running the New York marathon now.
      Listen, says the third. They brought a cowboy to me that went riding with his pony over a railroad crossing when a train came and smashed both of them. The only thing left was the cowboy’s butt and the mane of the pony. And I made the American president out of these parts.
      Hope you like it, regards Mitza

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      • Ha! I like that one a lot, Mitza! 🙂
        Now they are saying that there is real evidence that Trump had Russian connections way back when he was much younger. He helped them launder corrupt money by selling condos and property to them.
        You couldn’t create a crazier, more unstable man to be president! Takes from the poor and gives to the rich! Real Twilight Zone (horror story) stuff! We’ll be lucky if he doesn’t get us all nuked!

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  2. Schöne Bilder 🙂 Ist das auf dem zweiten Bild ein Schulp vom Tintenfisch? Könnte ich mir gut als Anhänger vorstellen, wenn’s nicht zu groß ist, tolle Farben. Liebe Grüße aus dem wenigstens teilweise sonnigen Kiel, Jule

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    • Hallo Jule, vielen Dank. Das ist eine riesige Muschel, die fast 50 cm lang ist. Ich glaube aus den Fasern außen hat man früher ganz wertvolle Stickereien gemacht. Die findet man an bestimmten Stränden, sind aber recht zerbrechlich. Heute ist es ganz schön. Leider muss ich Donnerstag ins Krankenhaus. Liebe Grüße Mitza
      Hab noch einen guten Witz für Dich;

      3 Chirurgen treffen sich. Sagt der Erste: Ich hatte neulich einen Patienten, der hatte sich mit der Säge alle Finger abgesäbelt. Ich habe sie alle wieder drangenäht. Heute ist er ein weltbekannter Pianist.
      Ach, sagt der Zweite, das ist noch gar nichts! Ich habe neulich einen Patienten gehabt, dem fehlten beide Beine und Arme. Ich habe sie wieder angenäht. Der läuft jetzt den New York Marathon.
      Darauf der Dritte: Mir hat man neulich einen Cowboy gebracht. Der war mit seinem Pony über einen Bahnübergang geritten und beide wurden vom Zug überfahren. Das Einzige, was noch intakt war, war der Hintern vom Cowboy und die Mähne vom Pony. Daraus habe ich den amerikanischen Präsidenten gemacht!


      • Da hat mir doch der Reader Deine Antwort unterschlagen. 😦 Ich wünsche alles Gute für Donnerstag und hoffe, daß es nicht allzu schlimm ist/wird. Gute Besserung! 🙂 Schöner Witz – der Karikaturist in unserer Zeitung malt den Trampel immer mit Entenschnabel. Hoffentlich finden sie kurzfristig mal etwas, womit sie ihn schnell und gründlich absägen können. Oder einen Freiwilligen, der “sägt”. Das wird langsam unerträglich, allerdings nicht nur auf der Ecke.

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  3. Oh, we donot have summer either in Norway. Some weather forecast sites suggest people to travel south in search of sun and warm weather 🙂
    Beautiful gallery. I wish I would have planned a trip to Greece this summer.

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  4. Your photos make me want to call my travel agent! I cannot do such a thing as travel to Greece, but your photos take me there in spirit. I truly apologize for the person who is seen as our leader. 😦

    Virtual hugs,


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    • Thank you, Judie for your kind words. I’m sure that you have sun and warmth where you live. Then you don’t need to go to Greece.
      Just see the person who is seen as your leader as a joke. I just read a lot of bad things about him today. He’s somehow not normal. Virtual hugs, Mitza

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  5. A month ago, my wife and I would have loved to join you on Kefalonia. It was raining everyday so much that we had threats of severe flooding. Now it is hot, our forests are tinder dry and large areas of BC have been affected by fire storms. A beautiful set of photos from your Greek retreat from rainy Hamburg!. Kindest regards, Peter.

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