Details from old houses

This time I take you for a walk in my beautiful home-town Hamburg. We have so many old buildings here and some of them have very nice details which I photographed for you during several months. Most of the details are from the time of art nouveau (1890 – 1910), which is my favorite style. Art nouveau originates from the English Arts and Crafts movement which wanted to put an antipole against the progressive industrialisation. The Arts and Crafts movement wanted to maintain the artisanal traditions.

Most of the details are from normal dwelling houses but three details (the woman, the man and the putto – all in grey) are at the entrance of our academy for fine arts. I visited the cantine quite often when I studied arts at another academy not far away. It’s a very beautiful building close to a pond with swans, ducks and geese.



33 thoughts on “Details from old houses

  1. It is so wonderful that you share what you are seeing in your own town. Those are precious things that I will never get to see in person, so your sharing of them is most welcomed! ;->

    Virtual hugs,


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  2. Very artistic statue pieces, Mitza! 🙂 We have nothing like this in Illinois. The closest thing we have is a big poster of Donald Trump next to the expressway that says, “Thank you.” What a nightmare of a poster! As far as i’m concerned, the Robert E. Lee statues in the south should all be replaced with statues of Heather Heyer, the poor woman who was killed in the U.S. while peacefully marching against hatred and the Nazis.

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    • Hehe, I laughed about the Trump nightmare poster and that it said “thank you”. Would be better to say “make America embarrassing again”. We are really dumbfounded every day about the news and what he said. 😦

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      • My wife and i , during the mis-election, tossed black paint on the “Make America Great Again” sign that was posted in the same area, but it (of course) made no difference. We are surrounded by tons of rural neighbors who are mostly all die-hard Trump supporters! We are at ground zero of hell! (No… that would be Trump’s brain!) It’s a sick, scary world (as far as so-called human beings go)!

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      • It must be really very hard to live like a sheep amongst wolfes, Thomas. We say here: against stupidity even God fights in vain. 😦 Inspite of this, have a nice weekend, regards Mitza


  3. When looking at the display of the details of Nouveau Art, which you so lovingly collected and displayed, I wonder how all these wonderful artifacts survived the bombing raids on Hamburg during WW2. Or were they perhaps faithfully restored to their original splendor? Perhaps there were photographs or drawings in the archives of Hamburg. Just wondering … Many thanks for your good intention to send us some rain, dear Mitza! We still need it, but at least it is not as hot anymore as it was in July.

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    • I can understand that you thought that very little survived the really terrible bombing raids and firestorms in Hamburg. But due to strategic reasons, the British airforce only bombarded the quarters of the working people and thus these beautiful and rich quarters have survived without destruction. All these buildings have not been restored, they are original still, fortunately. As I grew-up in such a quarter I always feel at home and happy there.
      Have a nice weekend, dear Peter, kind regards from Hamburg

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    • Thanks a lot, dear Agnes for your kind words which I liked a lot. Without these details the world would be boring for me.
      I went to two fleamarkets today and enjoyed it a lot:)
      Hope you had a nice day, too, kind regards Mitza

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      • How lovely, yes I too enjoy flea markets 🙂 Here we had rain all day and mist, like being in a submarine, but I am not complaining. I took hours doing research for my blog on seaweeds and enjoyed that, apart from cooking. Have a nice week.

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    • Thanks a lot for your kind words. Hamburg is No 10 of the most beautiful towns in the world and I really do love it. Wasn’t South Africa a colony once? They must have left some old buildings? Have a nice day, regards Mitza

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      • Hamburg really is beautiful – so I’m not surprised it is in the top 10 list.
        The Dutch came out to SA in 1652, but most buildings here are new. Certainly not the rich past of say England. 🙂

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