Weekly Photo Challenge: Structure

This week’s photo challenge gives me the opportunity to post a lot of photos which otherwise would end up in a drawer. You can see the structures of leaves, a palm tree, dates, an adorned trunk, an old fishernet, fern, stones from the beach, leaves, a cactus, a banana flower, a sea urchin, a wasp nest, some flowers at the beach, flagpoles, the wall of an old house with tiles etc.


29 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Structure

  1. Do you have barrel cactus in Germany, or was that photo from Greece? We had two of these lovely things in our yard, but they died and we had to have them removed. A sad day. They had provided so many beautiful flowers, and a very interesting life cycle for their flowers.

    Virtual hugs,


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    • Yes, you’re right, Judie, this cactus was from Greece. They don’t grow outside here. What a pity that you lost this cactus. I can imagine what beautiful flowers they had, but unfortunately never saw them. Virtual hugs Mitza


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