Wild and domestic animals in Kefalonia

Right now, shortly before I leave again to Kefalonia, I would like to show you some wild and domestic animals from Kefalonia.

Every year we usually see a lot of stray cats and dogs which I pity a lot. But slowly people tend to have these animals at their houses and treat them more or less well.

In the last years we never saw Greek tortoises on Kefalonia, but last year we found three of them on the street. We quickly stopped to put them a bit further into the wilderness. We remarked that it were 2 males and a female. The guys were fighting for the female. It was interesting to look at. Two years ago we found a huge marginal tortoise on another street and stopped again to put it somewhere else. In the main city named Argostoli you can see 5-7 loggerheads every day at the harbour bassin. These animals are very huge and impressive and not very shy. They are waiting at the fishing boats for the remnants of the nets.

Of course you can see a lot of sheep and goats all over Greece which provide very healthy and delicious sheep and goat cheese, which is so good in a Greek salad.

I felt very sorry for the grey horse. It was fenced in at a very remote place, completely alone and was so happy when I came to stroke it and to feed it with grass.

I will fly to Greece in some days. I’m looking forward to the sun. It might be possible that I cannot work on my blog in the next weeks, but in my thoughts I am with you all, my dear friends.


26 thoughts on “Wild and domestic animals in Kefalonia

  1. It must be hard to see animals in another country that are not so well off as ones we are used to seeing. As you say, slowly people are learning to treat animals more humanely.
    That grey horse really does have a smile on its face! 🙂
    I hope you have a lovely holiday and I look froward to seeing many wonderful photos on your return. 🙂

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  2. Our best wishes go out for your trip to your beloved Greek island Kefalonia! We hope you find lots of sunshine and happy experiences. If there is a bit of silence in your blogging activities, we blogger friends will know. Greetings and lots of love from Peter and Biene!


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