Wild and domestic animals in Kefalonia

Right now, shortly before I leave again to Kefalonia, I would like to show you some wild and domestic animals from Kefalonia.

Every year we usually see a lot of stray cats and dogs which I pity a lot. But slowly people tend to have these animals at their houses and treat them more or less well.

In the last years we never saw Greek tortoises on Kefalonia, but last year we found three of them on the street. We quickly stopped to put them a bit further into the wilderness. We remarked that it were 2 males and a female. The guys were fighting for the female. It was interesting to look at. Two years ago we found a huge marginal tortoise on another street and stopped again to put it somewhere else. In the main city named Argostoli you can see 5-7 loggerheads every day at the harbour bassin. These animals are very huge and impressive and not very shy. They are waiting at the fishing boats for the remnants of the nets.

Of course you can see a lot of sheep and goats all over Greece which provide very healthy and delicious sheep and goat cheese, which is so good in a Greek salad.

I felt very sorry for the grey horse. It was fenced in at a very remote place, completely alone and was so happy when I came to stroke it and to feed it with grass.

I will fly to Greece in some days. I’m looking forward to the sun. It might be possible that I cannot work on my blog in the next weeks, but in my thoughts I am with you all, my dear friends.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Structure

This week’s photo challenge gives me the opportunity to post a lot of photos which otherwise would end up in a drawer. You can see the structures of leaves, a palm tree, dates, an adorned trunk, an old fishernet, fern, stones from the beach, leaves, a cactus, a banana flower, a sea urchin, a wasp nest, some flowers at the beach, flagpoles, the wall of an old house with tiles etc.

Details from old houses

This time I take you for a walk in my beautiful home-town Hamburg. We have so many old buildings here and some of them have very nice details which I photographed for you during several months. Most of the details are from the time of art nouveau (1890 – 1910), which is my favorite style. Art nouveau originates from the English Arts and Crafts movement which wanted to put an antipole against the progressive industrialisation. The Arts and Crafts movement wanted to maintain the artisanal traditions.

Most of the details are from normal dwelling houses but three details (the woman, the man and the putto – all in grey) are at the entrance of our academy for fine arts. I visited the cantine quite often when I studied arts at another academy not far away. It’s a very beautiful building close to a pond with swans, ducks and geese.


Kefalonia – Greece

I don’t know where summer is? At least not in Hamburg. It’s cold and rains a lot. That’s the moment when I start to think about Kefalonia – Greece. Summer is really summer there. It’s hot, sometimes maybe too hot even. I live between these two extremes, either too hot or too cold and rainy. But still I miss my island in the sun, look at my photos and refeel all the emotions I had when I was there. I love this endless blue sky. How often have I looked into the sky there and thought: where does this blue end? There must be an end somewhere, but there wasn’t.  Sometimes we had heavy tempests, so much that I thought the world would go down. And the next day: the sky was blue, endlessly blue, the sun was shining, it was warm and very agreeable. Especially in the late afternoons the island is turned into fluid gold, the air is like a velvety cape that somebody who loves you puts carefully around your shoulders. I still feel it and the memory feels so good. Wish I was there….

Weekly Photo Challenge: Transient

Life is a transient area to death. Only love remains forever.

Tempus fugit – amor manet  somebody had written on a tombstone which is Latin and means time is transient but love stays.

I was overwhelmed by a tombstone showing a young woman mourning. It was made so truthfully and beautifully, showing details like a soft wisp of hair peeping out under a shawl, a vague Mona Lisa smile cut out of the faint reddish marble, a glorious fall of the folds, a noble nose, well-formed lips.. Something drew me to her. I had to touch her to feel if she was still living. I thought about a Greek tale of a young man who fell in love with a statue. At this moment I could understand him. I let my hands caress her face softly and I was moved, even though her cheeks were so cold. A tear dripped down, but it was mine.

Life is transient, enjoy every day as if it was your last.

Media vita in morte sumus : In the middle of life we are in death.

In memory of my father Dionyssios. I love you.

Old doors and windows – Kefalonia/Greece

I refuse to choose and
so the doors that lie before me
remain forever unopened

some sit ajar…just a bit
a crack to let light in
brightening the shadows of “what if”…just a bit
immobile, however,
the hinges grow stiff in their waiting

possibility remains trapped,
paralyzed behind the door
I refuse to let swing wide
saying to myself,
“what if it’s the wrong door?”

-Kayce Hughlett at Lucy Creates